Never-before-seen Kobe Bryant pictures will be auctioned off as NFTs


  • As NFTs, a collection of never-before-seen pictures of Kobe Bryant is being released.
  • The “Kobe” series includes eight black and white photographs of the basketball star taken in 1999.
  • The Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation will benefit from all revenues.

On August 24, a day recognized as Kobe Bryant Day in Los Angeles, where the basketball superstar spent his entire career playing for the Lakers, a collection of never-before-seen pictures of renowned NBA player Kobe Bryant will be released as a collection of non-fungible tokens.

The “Kobe” collection, which will be distributed on the NFT platform Cryptograph, comprises of eight black and white pictures of the basketball player shot in 1999.

The Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding sports programs in underprivileged regions, will get 100% of the revenues.

Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, perished in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, and the charity was renamed to commemorate their memory. Gianna was known as “Mambacita,” while Kobe was known as “The Black Mamba.”

Davis Factor of Smashbox Studios took the photos before Bryant’s illustrious sporting career reached its pinnacle.

The shooting, which Factor described as “a dream come true,” took place at an abandoned meatpacking plant in downtown Los Angeles without power, according to Factor.

“I think this shoot is special because it’s one of his first fashion shoots,” Factor stated. “The purpose of this Kobe Bryant NFT drop, for me, is to raise as much money as humanly possible to give to Kobe Bryant’s foundation.”

Bryant, who was 21 at the time of the picture session, was focused and driven, according to Factor.

“He was able to detach the basketball Kobe and go into this part,” Factor added. “And I kind of saw the creative side of him that was pretty amazing.”

The collection has been in the works for months, according to Tommy Alastra, cofounder of Cryptograph and a friend of Factor. To honor the platform’s 1 year anniversary, “Kobe” will be followed by additional series.

“I’m so excited that my friend Davis Factor has allowed us to immortalize these rare photos of Kobe Bryant and that these Cryptographs will support his legacy and foundation,” Alastra claimed.

Andy Chorlian purchased the LeBron James slam dunk moment known as the “Kobe Tribute Dunk” for a record $71,455 (U.S.) in January.

This year, NFTs have become increasingly popular. The volume of NFT transactions reached $1 billion in August alone.
NFTs are digital reproductions of artwork, sports cards, and other valuables that are connected to a blockchain, usually ethereum. Each NFT has a distinctive look that can be confirmed in the shared database and that cannot be copied or altered.

When consumers purchase NFTs, they are purchasing the rights to a one-of-a-kind token on the blockchain, rather than the artworks themselves. NFTs are interesting to artists and collectors since the information on a blockchain is nearly difficult to change.

Experts think, however, that the area is still in its infancy and that it has a long way to go before becoming more popular. Interoperability, scalability, and accessibility are among the challenges it still faces, according to experts.

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