Newegg Confirms To Support Shiba Inu Payment Option For AMC Theatres

SHIB is coming to Newegg’s platform soon, according to the company. Bitpay is the only cryptocurrency that Newegg presently accepts.

As the popularity of meme money grows, retail giant Newegg confirms the Shiba Inu payment option.

AMC theatres have also just stated that they will accept the coin as a form of payment.

Newegg intends to follow in their footsteps and include it as well.

They accept cryptocurrencies as a payment mechanism through a partnership with Bitpay, and SHIB will be added soon. This could lead to greater adoption and a rise in the meme coin’s price.

Newegg is a tech-focused retailer, so it’s no surprise that they’re looking into new technologies.

Their target demographic is almost certainly tech-savvy and will be able to take advantage of these new payment methods.

The news was confirm by the firm itself on Twitter later this morning.

They can be found in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East right now. PC parts, laptops, office supplies, gaming systems, and automobile parts are the core focus.


The recent price surge for Shiba Inu has thrown the meme token into the spotlight.

It’s not that people weren’t aware of it, but the level of interest it’s generating right now is unprecedented.

Because of the recent price increase, volume, and demand, numerous exchanges have decided to list it on their platforms.

Gemini is a fantastic illustration of this. Then there’s the petition to get SHIB listed on Robinhood, which has over 500k signatures.

In the next 2-4 months, AMC theatres will be the first enterprise to accept it as payment.

And now, more businesses are following in their footsteps, as everyone wants to cash in on the hoopla.

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