An NFT Gameplay Experience : Kaby Airdrop!


What is Kaby Arena?

Kaby Arena is a type of non-fungible token, rather than a platform. It is an NFT gameplay experience where everyone can take part without any costs or interruptions. As the name of the network suggests, it is an arena where players can compete with each other globally.

The players can play one versus one or compete in teams as per their preference. The network has designed a game where players choose characters to complete quests with their teammates. The network rewards players with the Kaby Arena token. The token is very beneficial for the operation of the network.

Moreover, token holders can choose to liquidate their rewards or they can use them to redeem things on the network itself.

NFT gameplay experience
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What do you need to know about the airdrop?

The Kaby Arena has decided to airdrop a huge amount of the Kaby Arena token to publicize its network and gaming platform. The network has fixed the number of tokens to be airdropped at one million. According to the current market value of the coin, the prize pool amounts to roughly $10,000. Moreover, this airdrop has been launched in partnership with CoinMarketCap. This is purely a marketing stunt, an option most networks choose to adopt. This is so because the network can publicize its network with a negligible amount, in this case $10,000.

The prize pool will be airdropped to 2,000 winners thus giving each winner a chance to earn 500 Kaby coins. Knowing the popularity of NFTs and online games in recent times, it is expected that this airdrop will witness an unprecedented participation. NFTs have become very popularized and even considered as an asset class by some. At this pace, the Kaby Arena platform is likely to reach good valuations.

Since this is a marketing stunt, the network has announced explicit tasks that participants must do in order to be eligible for the airdrop. These tasks include following the twitter handle of the network, joining their telegram group as well as the broadcast channel. In addition to this, they must add the Kaby Arena coin to the CoinMarketCap’s watchlist.

Lastly, they must submit their Polygon wallet address to the network through a form provided by the company. If they do not have a Polygon account, they must create one in order to receive the winnings. No other wallet will be compatible with the airdrop event.

The network will directly announce the winners approximately one week following the conclusion of the airdrop.

What are the benefits of this airdrop?

Kaby Arena claims to be the first game that involves cryptocurrency market fluctuations embedded in the gameplay. However, more details are not available at the time. The Kaby Arena token can be used to mint fresh heroes and quests to keep the game interesting. Moreover, this platform is not only for fun. The platform enables the players to earn while they play. Their characters, achievements and quests can be turned into NFTs and can be sold on the exchanges globally.

Coming to the crypto market, the game also allows players to speculate on the fluctuations of the crypto market. If their predictions go right, they can earn extra rewards.

In conclusion, the Kaby Arena coin as well as the platform can be used for various reasons- most importantly

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