NFT Metaverse Platform Realm And Renegade 3D Artist KidEight Collaborating To Show Off Their Fully Interactive NFTs

Both Realm and Renegade’s 3D artist KidEight are joining their hands together to reveal the world’s first fully interactive NFT in the metaverse i.e. KidEight’s EVOL slidin’. All the realm players will be able to race and joyride EVOL Slidin’ in the realm.

Empowering and boosting the confidence of these artists is just the beginning. Realm is now stepping up its game to achieve its goal of changing how the NFTs are experienced. It will do this through a very exciting collaboration with the amazing digital artist KidEight. Renegade’s artist, KidEight, is a digital artist who has a great sense of absurdity as well as a different and fruitful imagination. Striking graphics, Fusing street art, saturated color schemes and comical imagination is the right mixture for EVOL, an art that is tearing up Rarible, Twitter, and #cryptoart.

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On the other hand, Realm is an NFT metaverse. It is made of customizable microverses. This is an open-source and community-driven platform. It allows players, creators, and collectors to combine games, art, and music to create the perfect realm. They have minted it as an ERC-1155.

Realm And KidEight: Making An Impact

The collaboration of Realm and KidEight will be featuring the world’s fully interactive NFT in the metaverse. It is KidEight’s EVOL slidin’ NFT. With this, the collectors, gamers, fans, and also creators will be easily able to interact with EVOL on the Realm platform. This will be possible through different activities like NFT car racing, joyriding around the realm, and EVOL racing.

KidEight said, “Bringing EVOL to the Metaverse is something I’ve been trying to do for a while but kept failing due to my attention span and basic lack of knowledge. Having a team of dedicated nerds here to facilitate that dream is really amazing. A cherub wearing a ski mask has been desperately missing from the universe and I couldn’t be happier that Realm has stepped up to deliver!”

On the other hand the founder and CEO of Realm, Joban Thomas said, “Realm is out of this world happy to be collaborating with pioneering creator KidEight to bring his unique EVOL character and art to life inside Realm. We can’t think of anyone better suited than KidEight to show the world what the future of art and NFTs look like.”

This collaboration is a great way to give the public the real taste of what Realm’s mixed reality NFT Metaverse platform can provide the creators, artists, and players with. It will be a really wonderful journey all the way long. It will help to see what happens when VR, AR, and technological architecture join hands with the creative imagination of one of the world’s most dynamic talents coming from an artist. 

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