NFT Original Source Code: Bids Reach $2.8 Million

Tim Berners Lee is the inventor of the source code for the World Wide Web. This source code has recently been put up for sale at Sotheby’s as a part of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This source code has taken the value of $2.8 million from an opening price of just $1000. Now, Sotheby’s auction has already ended on Wednesday at 18:01 GMT.

Tim Berners Lee is a London-born computer scientist. He invented this source code for the World Wide Web in the year 1989. It has completely revolutionized the sharing as well as the creation of information. Thus, this is one of the most important and amazing inventions since the invention of the printing press in Europe in 15th century Germany. It is a digitally signed non-fungible token based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that provides its owner everything related to the invention. It includes the source code, a letter from Tim-Berners Lee, a digital poster containing full code from the original files, and lastly, an animated visualization for the same.

NFTs, without a doubt, have exploded in their popularity in the last few months. It surely also includes auctioning of these NFTs. Mike Winkelmann, an American artist, is the creator of digital-only artwork – Beeple. It was sold for around $70 million at Christie’s in March. This was one of the most expensive NFT sales ever in the history of auctions in digital artwork. It was also the first-ever sale done by a major auction house that included a piece of art that does not exist in a physical form. Since then, there was no such auction or sale put up that came this close to the amount. After that in June at Sotheby’s, a pixelated image of a cartoon face known as “CryptoPunk ” was sold at $11.8 million.

What People Have To Say?

People have been asking Tim Berners Lee why an NFT for your source code? To this, he replied, “Well, it’s a natural thing to do … when you’re a computer scientist and when you write code and have been for many years, it feels right to digitally sign my autograph on a completely digital artifact.” He was interviewed by Financial Times, where he compared NFTs with an autographed book. This made him imagine how cool this project would have been if he auctioned his source code on a signed box of magneto-optical disks. It would have been used by the computer NeXT.

From Twitter

The source code file contains 9,555 lines of codes in three languages and protocols. Tim Berners Lee is the inventor of them. They are HTML (Hypertext markup language), URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers), and HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol). Not only this, but it also included the original HTML documents. They were the documents that instructed all the early web users about how they can use the application.

The bids for this NFT have been running since June 23. This is a great way of asserting one’s ownership over a digital asset through an online auction.  Thie title of this auction was “This changed everything”. The starting price of this auction was $1,000. The global head of science and popular culture at Sotheby’s, Cassandra Hatton, said “Sir Tim’s invention created a new world, democratizing the sharing of information, creating new ways of thinking and interacting, and staying connected to one another. Over the past several centuries humankind has seen a succession of paradigm shifts that have brought us forward into the modern era … but none has had the seismic impact on our daily lives as the creation of the World Wide Web.”

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