NFT Platform HODL Assets Acquires CoinLinked

HODL Assets is a nonfungible token (NFT) aggregator platform. The firm recently announced that it has acquired the blockchain-based social network and trading platform CoinLinked. According to a statement that was released on Wednesday, Jenny Q. TA, the Wall Street veteran, and CoinLinked founder will also be joining the HODL Assets team as chief operating officer.  The acquisition of CoinLinked is part of HODL Assets’ broader plan.

HODL wants to strengthen its presence in the non-fungible token space. It will do it with the launch of its NFT marketplace known as the HODL platform. The new NFT platform from HODL Asset is said to provide gaming and social networking features. The platform will add these features in the expanding NFT space. The acquisition of CoinLinked is most likely related to these plans. This is because Ta has previously stated that the blockchain-based social media platform is a “fusion of Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon.”

She also said that NFTs can be the “killer application” for Web 3.0. It will be the same way as e-commerce and social media are dominating today’s Internet architecture, making it clear:

“NFTs are absolutely the next step for disintermediation of the internet, as the time has come when people are demanding ownership of their assets, and rightfully so. The internet is about gaining the attention of the masses and constant change, flowing of information, while NFTs are about gaining the attention of the individual and are a static snapshot of time.”

More From HODL’s COO

Therefore, the HODL platform seeks to integrate CoinLinked processes. It will do so to provide features that are not currently visible on other NFT marketplaces. As part of the announcement, the firm also made it clear that it wants to make NFT more popular. In detailing the plan for widespread adoption of non-fungible tokens, Ta identified that social media and gaming can prove to be amazing intermediate steps towards making NFT more accessible.

As previously reported, NFT games, especially in the play-to-earn genre, have gained significant popularity among people around the world. According to the founder of CoinLinked as well as the new COO of HODL Assets, the integration of NFTs and social media into the blockchain will build a platform that will change the dynamics of digital asset ownership. Following the acquisition of CoinLinked, HODL Assets also plans to relocate from South Africa to the United States.

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