‘NFT’ surpassed ‘Crypto’ in Global Search Interest

For the first time, the keyword ‘NFT’ has surpassed the keyword ‘Crypto’ in Global Search Interest. Let’s find out more about this.


NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens were the talks of the town in 2021. With the sale of Ape based NFTs for millions of dollars, the interest in NFT has skyrocketed. And it’s safe to say that 2021 has been the year of NFT.

NFT was a relatively unknown term in 2020, but in 2021 anybody aware of Cryptocurrencies at least has a basic idea of NFTs. (If you don’t know about NFTs or just want to learn more about NFTs, click this link here to learn more about them).

The data of the keyword ‘NFT’ surpassing the keyword ‘Crypto’ was revealed by the data provided by Google Trends. The surge in popularity is most likely due to the high profile and high-value sales of several NFTs. Many big names have associated themselves with NFTs in one way or another.

The Crypto market scenario

The Crypto market was getting a bit slow in the past 4-5 weeks. Many big names in the Crypto industry struggles to gain in these past weeks. The holiday season came as a sigh of relief for crypto Investors as Cryptocurrencies surged this Christmas season. Whereas, NFT sales never really slowed down. In fact, NFT sales saw a surge in these past weeks.

Sale of NFT

With the inception of Metaverse, many brands have tried their luck in NFTs. Artists, musicians and many other content creators are working on NFTs and releasing their own customised NFT. Marketplaces like OpenSea are popular for NFT sales.

OpenSea also has provided data on NFT sales on their website. According to that data, NFT sales have seen a phenomenal 14,500 per cent growth compared to last year. This phenomenal growth amounts to a figure of more than $10 billion. Currently, OpenSea controls most of the NFT sales. However, it’s not that far before non-Ethereum based marketplaces will take off.


Data by Google Trends reveal that the keyword ‘NFT’ has surpassed ‘Crypto’ in Global Search Interest for the first time. Now that NFTs are so popular, it’s fun to find out what the future has for NFTs. It’s safe to assume that their popularity will most likely, see a surge.

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