NFTs are like ‘the invention of paper’, says Artist Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is a well-known contemporary artist around the world. He has recently talked about the artwork and fiat currency and what similarities and differences they hold. This is because he was preparing to drop a whopping of 10,000 NFTs. These NFTs are in association with his physical painting. At his London Studio in May, he talked with Andrew Thurman from Cointelegraph. Damien Hirst answered all of his questions in a unique magic 8 ball manner. He opened up one of the boxes that contained hundreds of sheets of his artwork – The Currency. Then, he started reading sentences from the back of every paper. However, his answers were not on point with the topic like – Is Satoshi really a cliché? Damien Hirst began laughing at the absurdity that continued to voice his perception of art and money.

Particularly, at first, he said that a lot of people believe that money has value as it gets “a little leg up with art”. This is an argument similar to what some of the critics say about social media pumps and dumps of several tokens. The price of a few tokens and crypto rises just because of the value that is driven by high-profile figures that are giving a project a little pizazz. Also, Damien further said that he would “love it” if one day someone were able to use his artwork – The Currency as an actual currency given that it has a good value as an NFT.

However, he believes that a lot of people will prefer to keep the painting. With his perception, he still believes that technology is on the way to revolutionize the art world. Further, Hirst added, “I just saw [NFTs] as a really amazing thing. I saw it like the invention of paper. We already live in a world where you can have artworks, prints, and editions, and then it seems like you can have artworks, prints, editions, and NFTs […] with NFTs I think it’s changing the world, and it will change the world.”

Hirst created a lot of physical paintings before the Currency in 2016. It was long before even when people were not at all aware of the crypto space and art world where NFTs are a thing. He is planning to allow all the art enthusiasts to buy each “Tender”. It is a super-high-resolution photo of one of 10,000 unique paintings that feature a pattern of all the colored dots. It will be for $2000. And the art enthusiasts will be free of whether they want to keep the NFT or trade it in for the physical version.

Moreover, the artist also expressed his viewpoints on the creators maintaining control of their work. He said that he was very annoyed by apps like iTunes as it takes ownership from musicians. But, he said that non-fungible tokens allow artists to own their creations. He said, “You can own something digital, and it can be yours.”

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