PayPal’s Venmo Allows Credit Cardholders to Buy Cryptocurrency With Cashback


  • There will be no transaction fees for cardholders.
  • Within the Venmo app, users may hold or sell such assets at any moment.
  • This year, the implementation of online commodities has accelerated.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash will be available for purchase by cardholders.

Venmo, which is owned by PayPal, is expanding its cryptocurrency support with the debut of a new feature today that allows users to automatically buy bitcoin using cashback earned from Venmo credit card transactions. Unlike when purchasing cryptocurrencies straight, these automatic transactions will not incur transaction fees – a feature Venmo claims is not marketing, but rather how the system will function in the long run. Instead, each monthly transaction includes a cryptocurrency conversion spread.

Cardholders may now acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash using the Venmo app’s new “Cash Back to Crypto” option, which is available today.

In April of this year, Venmo provided the option for users to purchase, hold, and trade bitcoin as part of a broader cryptocurrency initiative spearheaded by parent firm PayPal. Venmo’s more than 76 million customers may now acquire bitcoin directly within the Venmo app, thanks to a collaboration with Paxos Trust Company, a regulated distributor of cryptocurrency goods and services.

By tying the cash-back feature to the bitcoin capability, the cash-back feature might help boost Venmo Credit Card sign-ups.

Venmo cards may now receive monthly cashback in eight distinct areas, with up to 3% back on their top qualifying spending category, then 2% and 1% back on the second-highest and all other purchases, respectively. Monthly adjustments are made to the top two categories based on where customers spend the most.

Customers must go to the Venmo Credit Card home page in the app, choose the Rewards option, and then “Get Started” to enable Cash Back to Crypto. They’ll next agree to the conditions, choose their preferred cryptocurrency, and affirm their decision. When the cash-back funds arrive in the customer’s Venmo account, they are instantly used to make a bitcoin transaction – no user input is necessary.

There will be no transaction fees because each monthly transaction includes a cryptocurrency conversion spread. This is comparable to how PayPal handles Checkout with Crypto, which allows online customers to use their bitcoin to make transactions. There are no fees involved when the cryptocurrency is turned into money. Venmo says that the function may be switched on or off at any time.

Cash Back to Crypto, according to the business, is a method for newbies to cryptocurrencies to get into the market without having to bother about the process of buying bitcoin. It’s more of a set-it-and-forget-it function than anything else. These cash-back-enabled crypto purchases will likely be minimal until customers make regular and frequent transactions with their Venmo Credit Card.
The business hasn’t revealed how many Venmo credit card users are currently active in the market. So far, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman has only stated that the card “is outpacing our expectations for both new accounts and transactions” during the company’s first-quarter earnings call.

The CEO also mentioned that the firm was experiencing “strong adoption and trading of crypto on Venmo” this quarter.

In a statement, Darrell Esch, SVP and GM at Venmo, said, “The introduction of the Cash Back to Crypto feature for the Venmo Credit Card offers customers a new way to start exploring the world of crypto, using their cash back earned each month to automatically and seamlessly purchase one of four cryptocurrencies on Venmo,” “We’re excited to bring this new level of feature interconnectivity on the Venmo platform, linking our Venmo Credit Card and crypto experiences to provide another way for our customers to spend and manage their money with Venmo,” he asserted.

Venmo Credit Card customers will be able to use the new option starting 10 August 2021.

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