PeersCrypto To Launch A Crypto Exhange And Token Soon!

PeersCrypto is excited to announce the launch of its new cryptocurrency exchange platform, as well as its own token on the BSC, which will let token holders to trade with no fees. The presale will take place on DXSale on October 29th at 15:00 UTC. PeersCrypto has created a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer platform that allows consumers to convert Ether to fiat currency without the use of a third party. It employs a safe escrow system that avoids the need for any third parties or middlemen. It allows traders to trade with whomever they choose and on their own terms.

PeersCrypto Launches Its Unique Cryptocurrency Peer-to-Peer Escrow Platform Along with Its Own Token

End-to-end encryption is used in the PeersCrypto P2P marketplace to keep transactions private. Unlike the traditional system, where a third party is required, a third party would only be involved when a conflict arises. Despite this, the smart contract code works as a neutral third party.

The Idea Behind PeersCrypto

The platform’s major goal is to eliminate all third-party transactions. Using Blockchain technology, it is possible to make transactions secure and quick. It will protect your digital wallet from unauthorised access and keep your transactions private.

Features of the PeersCrypto Platform

The platform includes a number of features enabling a secure peer-to-peer marketplace for trading and buying cryptocurrencies.

PeersCrypto is unique in that it enables a person-to-person payment system with lightning-fast payouts. Surprisingly, each transaction may be completed in under three minutes. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for middlemen, allowing traders to trade on their own terms. Users can agree on their own terms, whether it’s through an online payment or a bank transfer.

It has an encrypted non-custodial marketplace for buying and trading Ether. Other popular coins, including as Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Tether, and others, are also available for purchase and sale.

How PeersCrypto Operates

PeersCrypto provides a unique type of escrow service. The PeersCrypto platform, unlike typical escrow systems, does not accept deposits or process withdrawals. It also lacks any sort of automatic matching algorithm.

Before purchasing or selling any accepted cryptocurrency, traders must first create an account on the PeersCrypto website. You can open a trade to buy, sell, or make an exchange on the site once you’ve made an account.

To trade an offer, someone must respond to it after it has been posted on the site. Both sides use an encrypted platform to communicate. Once both parties have agreed to the terms, the sellers deposit the money in escrow and wait for the buyer to pay. A payment countdown begins as soon as the funds are received by the escrow.

The seller releases the escrow to the buyer once the seller gets the payments from the buyer. If a disagreement arises, the PeersCrypto arbiter is summoned to resolve it. Before establishing who is the rightful owner of the fund, the arbitrator will request proof from both sides.

Future Plans of PeersCrypto

According to the website, more integrations are planned to strengthen the marketplace. It usually supports third-party wallets, mobile apps, IPFS deployment, and the usage of a Blockchain PKI.

PeersCrypto is also about to begin its own coin presale. Investors can take advantage of the presale to get a better deal on the new coin. On the website, you can learn more about the presale.

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