Peter Molyneux, a gaming industry veteran, is working on a blockchain business simulation with NFTs.

Peter Molyneux, the developer of the critically renowned Fable game franchise, has a new project in mind, one that takes place in a universe where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and gaming coexist and are essential components.

Legacy, Molyneux’s next game, was revealed this weekend as a blockchain game that would allow users to gain real money while participating and that he believes will “push the frontiers of blockchain gaming.” While it is a big goal, to begin with, the actual gameplay sounds a lot like Sim City, but with the addition of the ability to purchase and sell stuff using NFTs.

As per a blog post by Gala Games, which specializes in games based on NFTs, the firm and Molyneux’s studio 22cans are collaborating on Legacy, which is billed as the “first-ever blockchain business simulation” and is set to be released in 2022.

LegacyCoin won via numerous important tournaments, is used to create and construct factories, their goods, a town, and so on. You may also use it to trade with other players and purchase NFTs in-game. But Molyneux’s goal goes beyond allowing users to earn virtual money. Rather, members will be able to buy “land NFTs” on the blockchain, allowing them to form an “in-game blockchain business association.”

Being a member of this club also grants access to a unique set of goods known as Legacy Keys. These may be lent to other players who wish to create their own company in the virtual environment of the game, thereby creating the lender’s “business partner.”

Since any “business partners” will have to split a portion of their earnings with the lender, the relationship is more like that of an employer and an employee.

Legacy, on the other hand, does not distribute revenues to its players in standard legal cash. Instead, Legacycoin, the game’s own cryptocurrency, may be acquired through playing in the game’s important tournaments. The conversion rate between Legacycoin and US dollars is currently unknown.

Although Legacy is still under development, gamers may currently purchase land NFTs on the game’s website.

Together with Molyneux, Ubisoft is combining the realms of entertainment and NFTs with Ubisoft Quartz, a service dedicated to crypto tokens. However, the public’s reaction to Ubisoft’s statement was so unfavorable that the company withdrew the video from public view. You’d think that other developers and designers would take notice and reconsider their support for NFTs, but evidently cannot.

Conversely, Molyneux is one of the most well-known personalities in the business, having created popular god games like as Populous, the PC version of Dungeon Keeper, and Black & White, as well as Microsoft’s Fable series. In 2016, he worked on Godus Wars, a game that featured contentious microtransactions. His next project, which is expected to be even more contentious, has piqued the interest of fans.

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