Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, says he wishes he had put more money into Bitcoin.

Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, has remarked that he regrets not investing more in Bitcoin. Thiel welcomed cryptocurrencies and conceded that he may have underinvested in Bitcoin during a Miami event. “I feel like I’ve been underinvested in it,” he said, adding, “You’re meant to just purchase Bitcoin.” Thiel, a millionaire entrepreneur and ardent supporter of virtual money, added that his main qualm with investing in the popular crypto-asset was that he felt “everyone already knew the secret.”

According to sources, Thiel, a libertarian, was invited to speak on cryptocurrencies, central banks, and artificial intelligence at an interview held by the Lincoln Network in Miami. Thiel said that cryptocurrencies were libertarian in idea, as well as artificial intelligence (AI), and that AI was communist.

At a time when Bitcoin (BTC) has surpassed its all-time high and established a new high, Thiel stated that he would not be shocked if the popular cryptocurrency continues to increase in the near future. The incident, on the other hand, proved that central banks are not well-functioning.

“Bitcoin is currently trading at $66,000. Is it going to increase? Maybe. But it tells us that the central banks are on the verge of collapse,” Thiel said, adding that he is a “force for decentralization.” “is the most significant benefit of the digital asset market. In contrast, he claimed that the growth of artificial intelligence, “particularly the type of low-tech, surveillance form,” is “basically communist” because of its centralized character.

Thiel has long been a supporter of Bitcoin. Even when Bitcoin’s value wasn’t at its highest in 2018, the entrepreneur insisted that he would consider it a long-term investment. Earlier this week, the PayPal co-founder, who has previously described himself as a “pro-crypto, pro-Bitcoin maximalist,” spoke out about how Bitcoin’s current surge indicates to flaws with the US political system.

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