PI crypto: How to mine it for free and make a Profit?

Pi network is a platform that allows users to mine Pi coins, their digital currency for free on their smartphones. The platform aims to validate transactions on a distributed ledger. Unlike many cryptos that either use Proof of Stake, Proof of Work, or Proof of History protocols, Pi uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol(SCP) algorithm. 

Mining crypto is hard, investing in it is risky, and so many of us are getting left out in this crypto revolution. But not anymore. And to fill this space, the PI network has launched their PI coins that users can mine with a smartphone. 

The breakthrough technology behind the PI network does not drain your phone’s battery and is environmentally friendly. The Pi network recently crossed 3.5+ Million Engaged Pioneers. People expect the mainnet of Pi to launch in March 2022. 

Is PI a successful scam?

Pi achieved a user base of 10 million people in one year. Pi is a project by team members of Stanford graduates so ordinary people can also get a chance to access the crypto world. 

While many are in favor, some people also oppose this network and call it a legit scam. People often compare the PI network to an MLM scam. Some think people are wasting their phone’s battery time and personal data to mine PI coins that have no value, and neither can be traded nor exchanged. 

Leaders in the crypto world think PI is not a scam, and it will have real value in the future.

Mining The Pi Coins

Now comes the real question, how to mine the PI coins? Before we move into this, let’s be clear that neither PI is a scam nor a quick-rich scheme. As of now, the PI coin has not been launched yet. But experts expect it to launch in March 2022. Experts are betting on this coin’s bright future. So take this as an opportunity to be a part of a crypto revolution. 

If you start mining the PI coin early and it reaches a significant value, you will see the power of the crypto world. You can be a millionaire, if not a billionaire just by sitting on your couch and clicking on the mine button once every day.

Think of this as bitcoin in 2012 having no value. But what is bitcoin now? Truly unimaginable. And this is the power of crypto, and you can never predict which ones can shine. 

Now back to the part of mining PI coins. 

Step 1: Visit the website https://minepi.com/ 

Step 2: Then download the app. 

Step 3: Whether you have an android phone or an iPhone, download the app based on your device.

Step 4: Once downloaded, fill in your details and signup. After that, you will be asked for an invitation code. Write ‘mayankmajila’ there, and I promise it will improve your mining rate.

Step 5: Once you’re in the app, it explains to you about everything, and then you’re ready to go.

PI network is an excellent project in the crypto space that aims to revolutionize the way people look at cryptos. And to profit out of this growing crypto space, be as early as you can and download the app to start mining the PI coins.

Happy mining to y’all!

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