The Plant Vs Undead Airdrop: Play To Earn Blockchain Based Game


  • Plant vs. Undead is giving away 6,000 PVU to the first 1,200 people who accomplish a few basic tasks in an airdrop.
  • Plant vs Undead was released in June 2021 and is free NFT play-to-earn game.

What Is Plant Vs Undead?

Plant vs Undead (PVU) is a blockchain-based multiplayer game set in the realm of Planet Plants. In what was once a peaceful environment for animals and plants, zombies from an extraterrestrial meteor have infected the earth, and each player has a mother tree that they must defend for the planet’s existence while using eight plants to combat the undead.

With numerous rounds of attack in each game, a player can arrange the plants to deploy unique techniques to reach the optimal outcome.

Players can also transform seeds into extraordinary plants by combining those with particular inherent qualities that make them greater warriors and soldiers against the undead army. Seeds can grow into any plant in the Plant vs Undead universe, from common plants with common attributes to uncommon plants with exceptional attack attributes.

How Does It Work?

Several rounds of gameplay are required to complete the game. Each round allows the player to play with one mother tree and eight different plants.

As a result, players must carefully position their plants in order to maximise their fighting power against the undead.

Players that successfully kill the zombies gain energy points, which they can use to enhance or rearrange their plants.

Plant vs Undead
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About PVU

The Plant vs Undead game’s native currency is PVU. The token provides the game’s play-to-earn feature, which allows players to earn PVU tokens through winning fights and events. Each game mode has a different PVU reward, and all game modes are open to everyone. Furthermore, as the undead waves are defeated, different PVU prizes are generated.

In-game items such as seeds and plants can also be purchased with the tokens. PVU tokens is based on Binance Smart Chain and has a maximum supply of 300 million. A total of 60 million tokens have been set aside for a public sale, which will take conducted in three stages. On July 3, 2021, the private sale took place.

A total of 30 million tokens will be distributed to the community for marketing purposes, with 60 million tokens put aside for staking incentives and another 60 million for game development.

The advisers will receive 60 million tokens that are now locked and will be disbursed at a rate of 5% per month over the course of 25 months. This layout is intended to foster long-term dedication to the platform’s mission.

Finally, 30 million tokens have been set aside as prizes for winning tournaments in the game to incentivize player participation.

About The Airdrop

Plant vs Undead is dropping 6,000 PVU to 1,200 winners that complete a few simple tasks. Here is how you can participate:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for Plant vs Undead
  3. Add Plant vs Undead to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:
  4. Follow Plant vs Undead Twitter account:
  5. Retweet this tweet and tag 3 of your best friends that love PVU:
  6. Follow Plant vs Undead telegram anouncement channel:
  7. Join Plant vs Undead Discord group:
  8. Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC address. The form will be available on once the event starts.

Plant vs Undead is designed to be a game for everyone, as it requires no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies or NFTs to play. This is unquestionably a popular platform that will gain significant traction.

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