PM Modi’s Twitter Hacked, Bitcoin tweet Posted

PM Modi’s Twitter account was Hacked and a Tweet about Bitcoin was Posted. Let’s find all about this news.


Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi’s Twitter account was recently compromised for a brief time. The hack although was for a really short duration. However, it left a great impact on Indian news and media.

The reason for such a buzz was the tweet that the hacker posted on the honourable Prime Minister’s account.

The tweet that the hacker posted

The tweet said that the PM accepts Bitcoin as legal tender. Earlier PM Modi announced that with the regulations that’ll soon arrive in India, Cryptocurrencies will never be legal tender.

Also, the hacker said in that tweet that the government has bought 500 Bitcoins and will be distributing them among the citizens of India.

After this, the hacker posted a hyperlink to a Blogspot page. Also, the hacker posted ‘#BITCOIN_GIVEAWAY’ in the post.

Finally, at the footnote of the post, the hacker posted ‘The future has come today.

The deleted tweet was posted on the PM’s account.


After this event, the hack was soon restored. They soon removed the post from his account. One twitter official commented that the breach wasn’t from Twitter’s systems. They further added that for securing the account, they were taking all necessary steps.

The Indian government will be pursuing an active investigation on this hack. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said that the Indian Computer Emergency Response System will be investigating this issue.

PM Modi acknowledged the hack and posted a tweet on his account. He urged Twitter users to ignore any tweets during the period his account was under the possession of the hacker. The tweet also addressed that the account was very briefly compromised and the account was immediately secured.

Past hacking related to Cryptocurrencies

Earlier in the September of 2020, the account of the Prime Minister became a victim of hacking. The tweet asked people to pay Cryptocurrencies for the Prime Minister’s Corona Virus disease relief fund.


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