Pocket Networks announced the completion of its significant direct purchase.

During December, Pocket Networks surpassed numerous well-known chains in terms of monthly income, putting it in the Top Five revenue producers for blockchains globally.

Pocket Network’s monthly use has more than quadrupled in July, as indicated by “relays,” or API requests processed by the protocol. It just set a new daily record by serving 300 million repetitions in the week that. As internet traffic had increased, and so have the number of nodes on the network, which currently numbers over 18,000 and is managed by hundreds of different community groups and suppliers.

Pocket Network, with total network revenue exceeding $56 million in December, is always between many of the Top 5 revenue producers for all blockchains and blockchain applications globally (source data from Token Terminal*), despite remaining fairly underneath the spotlight till this, alongside the number of funds available those of Solana, Elrond, Harmony, and also most DeFi procedures.

“Now, with cryptocurrency, a project’s value is determined by its actual performance and real data. We’ve discovered a jewel in Pocket Network that is scaling at a breakneck pace and whose effectiveness can be measured on-chain. Most marketplaces or dApps rely on Web2 centralized cloud computing and hosting organizations nowadays, which can create expensive disruptions if services would fall offline.

Pocket Network, according to RockTree, is vital architecture again for Web service revolutions, since it provides real decentralization and uptime for a multi-chain blockchain future. Take a look at the chain statistics,” said Omer Ozden, CEO of RockTree Capital, a fund and merchant bank focused on projects at the Asia-North America confluence. “I’d like to emphasize that Pocket’s elevated staff and management make it a simple decision for RockTree to partner with them in Asia and participate.”

Pocket Networks plans to expand into the billions of relays every day, dispersed throughout hundreds and thousands of complete nodes, during the next five years, building on its existing substantial community of thousands of node operators.

“We’re ecstatic to help Pocket Networks achieve their goal of incentivizing L1 decentralisation. They engage in a variety of habitats, include Terra, Algorand, and Polkadot, as well as recognise the importance of diverse nodes dispersion at the base layer. Finally, POKT is crucial to increasing the crypto-long-term environment’s stability and antifragility,” stated Michael Arrington, founder of Arrington Capital.

“Pocket Network’s business architecture model illustrates that Web3-native businesses may outperform Web2 competitors in terms of both cost and performance.” Pocket is the no for blockchain app developers and node runners alike.” Republic Crypto’s Managing Director, Alex Ye, contributed his two cents.

“Already in the year and, we announced a strategic agreement wih Rocktree Ventures, which is assisting us in expanding our worldwide presence into all of the key cryptocurrency marketplaces. Tonight, they were delighted to announced but the farther advancement of the this plan as a result of the strategic alliances made in this sale with Republic, Arrington Capital, and a number of other high-impact players that provide value to the entire Pockets Networks environment.” — Pocket Network CEO Michael O’Rourke

Pocket Networks is pursuing a number of initiatives aimed at boosting developer adoption and node coverage, such as a multi-jurisdictional expansion into the Asia-Pacific area by next year.
Pockets Networks Information

*On January 5th, Token Terminal will release full revenue statistics for Pocket Network.

Pocket Network, a blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 apps, is a framework developed for applications that organize and redistribute large amounts of data using cost-effective mechanics. It allows for frictionless and secure interactions between blockchains and apps.

Using Pocket, crypto algorithms can be easily incorporated into webpages, smartphones, IoT, and much more, providing developers the freedom to put cryptocurrency products through every common customer’s “wallet.”

Having headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, and Toronto, RockTree Capital is a Chinese merchant bank and fund focused on blockchain projects and mobile e-commerce startups. RockTree Capital invests in and accelerates the growth of top-tier blockchain startups in Asia.

Arrington Capital is a digital asset management organization that specializes in capital markets based on blockchain technology. The business, which was launched in 2017 by Michael Arrington, creator of TechCrunch and CrunchBase, and Heather Harde, CEO of TechCrunch, has over $1 billion under management and has invested in hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe.

Republic Capital is a major investing service that allows both retail and accredited investors to participate in startups, rental properties, cryptocurrency, and games. Our worldwide community of over one million people has invested over $700 million via Republic.

C2 Investments is a conveyor investment firm dedicated to providing funding and operational experience to enable builders to develop and scale the next generation of top Web3 and Metaverse apps.

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