Poker Star Doug Polk Is Now Coinflex’s New Brand Ambassador

Polk has been keeping his interest in cryptos for a few years. He even launched a YouTube channel dedicated to the subject with over 160K subscribers.

However, it appears that the retired poker pro is now ready to take his cryptocurrency involvement to a new level.

Polk has officially signed on as a brand ambassador for CoinFLEX. CoinFLEX is a famous cryptocurrency trading platform devoted to bringing crypto markets and investors together.

The idea is to provide a secure environment in which users may exchange cryptocurrency and earn money through investment.

Polk’s Interest In Cryptocurrencies

Doug Polk is the founder of Upswing Poker, one of the industry’s leading teaching sites, and one of the most well-known faces in poker.

Polk, on the other hand, has been interested in other aspects of internet for some time, with cryptocurrencies in particular piqueing his curiosity.

Polk was chosen as the company’s ambassador for a variety of reasons. CoinFLEX’s major goal with this partnership is to reach out to a wider audience, as well as specific groups who are intrinsically more interested in cryptocurrency.

Cooperating with Polk accomplishes both of these objectives. The majority of Doug’s listeners are poker players, traders, and investors.

These are people who are more willing to take chances and who are aware of and appreciate the higher risk/higher payoff scenario.

This is the type of audience CoinFLEX has to attract if they want to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

“As CoinFLEX expands, we are thrilled to work with Doug Polk, one of the best poker players in the world as well as an incredible community builder and educator.”

“With Doug on the team, we are looking forward to engaging his audience and extending the CoinFLEX community,” stated Mark Lamb, the company’s CEO.

The company definitely has huge aspirations for the future. Bringing Doug Polk on board will almost surely assist them in achieving them.

It’s also worth noting that Doug isn’t the kind to advocate just any old product or idea. If he accepts this role, it can only be because he sincerely believes in the CoinFLEX goal.

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