Polkadog: The Fastest DeFi Meme Dog

Memes are becoming very popular nowadays, not only on a mass level of people but also on a greedy level. Think about the fact that how memes can greatly contribute to the evolution of the crypto world. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are such examples of tokens with large capitals that operate on Binance. However, it is not enough for some people to achieve that. This is why Polkadog came into the big picture. Polkadog has gone viral in the last few memes. It is a meme coin project that is created on a Blockchain network. It aims to revolutionize the entire meme industry by launching the most significant meme token ever.

PDOG, also known as the Polkadog, is a recently launched meme coin. This coin provides all the crypto-curious audiences out there much more than they have imagined. On top of just returns from trading, Polkadog also provides its holders with multiple opportunities to gain profits. Besides, there will be a lot of both new and experienced investors who would like to explore the new possibilities of this new coin. Polkadog provides its community with a fairer trade as well.

This 100% self-funded and community-owned currency can allow everyone, even the team behind the scenes, to buy its tokens. The profits will stay within the platform thus benefiting it the most. PDOG was launched on Uniswap. It is an established DeFi platform that facilitates thousands of crypto transactions daily. In fact, this platform is the world’s most successful DEX to date. The PDOG project was 100% fairly launched without any presales, VCs, team tokens permitted, or private sales. Other than that, the creators of PDOG, even after its launch, were so dedicated to keeping things fair, that they implemented a 50,000 $PDOG buying cap for the initial 21 days of trading. This provided a unique and equal playing field for everyone out there thus helping keep all the whales and the bots at bay.

Polkadog surely was launched fairly and successfully, that too, with around 3000 holders already in just 5 days for PDOG v1. The coin’s value has already started to skyrocket and gain the pace that its creators expected. 50 million PDOG v1 are already launched and the other 50 million are kept in reserve for PDOG v2. This was all done to further its liquidity and increase the airdrop rewards. Things are currently going in the favor of Polkadog. And this will continue since the founders locked their future tokens as well as their Uniswap liquidity with Trustswap.

Polkaswap is a cross-chain platform and is built on Polkadot technology. It is still under development and will launch on the SORA network. Soon, Polkadog will be switching on it. It provides low trading fees per transaction and even allows multiple chains to trade together. All these benefits make it a dream place to trade for holders. Also, it has multiple pool searches that help you find the best exchange that is available at the point of purchase. It further supports tokens such as ETH, DOT, and BTC.

The coin’s value is not the only benefit the holders of PDOG enjoy. It even offers them the auto-add to the liquidity pools, surprises airdrops through its farm game that they are about to launch, redistribution, and even token burns. Additionally, the holders will also get a chance to buy PDOG-branded merchandise if they wish to. On top of it, there is also news about the launch of its feline friend, the Polkacat. Currently, everything is a little secretive. However, it keeps all the investors interested to learn more about it.

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