PolkaWar Brings New Features To The NFT Table!



  • PolkaWar is an innovative Decentralized Finance platform which supports NFT gaming online.
  • The platform has partnered with CoinMarketCap to conduct an airdrop worth $30,000 PWAR coins.
  • The network will airdrop approximately 1,50,000 PWAR coins to 2,000 lucky winners.

What is PolkaWar?

Polkawar is an innovative DeFi and an NFT gaming platform. The platform provides its users with real time experience on the new era of blockchain based gaming.

Polkawar is a blockchain based NFT gaming platform and a marketplace for the same. The platform was developed owing to the recent growth in popularity of blockchain and NFTs. Keeping this in mind, the platform aims to combine both the concepts in order to build an attractive platform for everyone to access globally.

The platform enables the users to build their own avatars and battle against known and unknown opponents. In addition to gaming, the platform serves as a marketplace for the users to sell their avatars, weapons, quests and much more for cryptocurrencies. Some achievements can also be redeemed for digital replicas of the same.

The platform supports two categories: team play as well as individual conquests. Each mission carries a reward and the rewards keep increasing with an advancement in the missions.

The NFT marketplace is a platform where the players can bid and sell for items such as weapons, characters, avatars and in-game products. These bids can be placed with the PWAR tokens. Thus, the PWAR token is very essential for the operations that take place on the marketplace.

The PolkaWar logistics network fulfills the redemption of NFTs on the marketplace. Players who wish to own NFTs in real time can use the logistics network and redeem their in-game NFTs for real-world tangible assets. Through the logistics feature, the tangible assets will be delivered to the player’s registered address.

Source: Cointelegraph

What do you need to know about the PolkaWar airdrop?

The PolkaWar network has partnered with CoinMarketCap to launch an airdrop. The airdrop will be done to publicize the network as well as to make investors aware of the PWAR token and its utility.

The airdrop will be held for the duration of a week wherein 1,50,000 PWAR tokens will be given to 2,000 lucky participants. In accordance with the current market price of PWAR of $0.1982, the total prize pool is worth approximately $30,000. Each winner can receive up to 75 PWAR.

The demand for this coin has risen exponentially as over 112,000 participants have already registered for the event. Thus, less than 2% of the participants have a chance to win the airdrop.

The PolkaWar network will announce the list of winners on their twitter handle by August 11, 2021. The platform will credit the winnings to the wallets of the winners directly by August 15, 2021.

source: Twitter

How to take part in the PolkaWar airdrop?

To be eligible for the airdrop, users must follow certain tasks laid out by the network. These tasks include:

  • Follow PolkaWar’s twitter account and join their telegram community.
  • Like and comment on the recent post posted by the platform.
  • Add the PWAR coin on your CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  • Fill out a form provided by the network and give proper details of the wallet address.
  • Do not make duplicate entries or have algorithms enter bot entries. The PolkaWar network will disqualify such entries with prejudice.

How can you benefit from the airdrop?

  • No doubt, the platform is very innovative and is likely to grow within the next few years. Thus, it will be highly beneficial for the users to be a part of its community early on. If they do so, they can grow financially along with the growth of the platform.
  • Moreover, the market price of the coin is still below $1, leaving a huge scope of development for the coin as well as the platform.
  • The coin’s value is likely to rise exponentially in the next decade due to the digitalization of the world and the popularity for NFTs.
  • The PWAR coin also has deflationary pressures as the supply of the coin is capped at 90 million. Thus, the investments cannot devalue over time.
  • The coin has many more benefits. Players can earn PWAR coins by playing on the platform.
  • Moreover, they can purchase NFTs on the PolkaWar marketplace with the aforementioned coin.
  • The players can also stake their PWAR tokens to earn more tokens and in-game rewards.
  • Users who offer their coins for the liquidity pool are entitled to earn farming yields per annum. Finally, token holders have the right to be in the governance process of the platform.
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