Polker And Its Successful Launch On Top DeFi Protocols

Polker is a blockchain-based online poker game. It has recently announced that they have great plans of an airdrop, a token burn, and even a token buyback. This platform has been successfully launched on several top DeFi protocols that include JustSwap, UniSwap, and PancakeSwap. On June 25th, they also successfully launched IDO on BSCPAD and Tronpad that is TRON’s Launchpad backed by its CEO Justin Sun and Bullperks as well on 24th June. They also released Bondly NFT on the 22nd of June. Initially, when it was about to launch, a sniping event occurred. This resulted in a delay of the event and eventually pumped and dumped their coin. Still, investors tried to reiterate continuous support for this event.

Another amazing thing about Polker is that it allows its users to bet with a dozen of different cryptocurrencies. It uses a lot of patented technologies that eliminate the need to convert the coins to a single cryptocurrency that is accepted. It runs on Polkadot (Substrate). Currently, Polker doesn’t have any plans to support the next generation of virtual reality.

Talking About The Situation With Bots, FUD, And Swiping

Polker began adding liquidity to the three pools, JustSwap, PancakeSwap, and UniSwap on the 25th of June. Tem was trying to ensure that there was the right amount of liquidity before they distribute TGE tokens. However, a sniping event took place before that. An opportunistic buyer took advantage of this situation without wasting any time and bought around 1.745 million Polker tokens. This trade was entirely made by a single address. About 94% of the whole liquidity was taken into one wallet on the Uniswap v3.

All the Polker tokens were moved across an unsecured ETH-BSC bridge. Then they were sold in PancakeSwap’s liquidity pool. The team already decided before launching that they will close the ETH<>BSC bridge after the launch for 30 minutes so that they can prevent sniping and betting. Sadly, they were not able to close that bridge on time resulting in the free flow of all the funds across the entire bridge.

To top it all, there were allegations as well, serious allegations of insider trading resulting in an internal audit. They concluded later that no kind of foul play was there from any of the team members.

The co-founder chief of gaming, Hector Mayorga said, “Polker, its team, and any insiders have not been distributed tokens or had tokens unlocked as part of our token primary. As a team, we have gained no benefit and lost significantly in our token performance. But more importantly, we have lost a lot of confidence from you, our community.”

Once the snipe was over, there were coordinated efforts on different social media platforms to dump all the Polker tokens. At the same time, Polker also saw a surge in the bot members. To ensure a brighter future and great success for Polker, the team decided to ensure that they remove all the shillers and fudders in a bid so that they can combat this challenge.

Predicting The July Polker Closed Beta

Polker is quite positive about its future as it mentioned the July Closed Beta for its game. The game supports other cryptocurrencies making it easier for the users to play. Also, the users don’t need to hold their Polker tokens so that they can participate in the games. Day one after a launch is always tough in any market. However, it has a long life in the crypto market and it will not take much time to shine.

About Polker

Polker, an online blockchain-based game, allows its players to use many different cryptocurrencies at full safety in its multi-patented clients. This game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 for powerful and immersive gameplay. The community of players includes a mixture of passionate poker players and crypto enthusiasts. They all come together to support a maturing product.

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