Poly Network Hackers Returns Some Money After Request

Due to theft, Ethereum appears to be the most vulnerable cryptocurrency. $273 million in Ethereum tokens, $253 million in Binance Smart Chain tokens, and $85 million in USDC on the Polygon network were among the hacked assets.

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Via Poly Network Twitter Handle

In the greatest DeFi breach to date, Poly Network was hacked for $611 million. On Tuesday, the Network said that it has been hacked on BinanceChain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

It encouraged the hackers to return the hacked assets in an open letter. Poly Network is a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform that allows different chains, including as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ontology, and Binance Smart Chain, to communicate with one another.

It basically allows different blockchains to communicate with one another. Poly Network officially announced the news on twitter on this Tuesday and aware investors to stop trading on the blockchain.

In a series of tweets, Poly Network wrote not to send cryptos on suspicious addresses.

In a statement, Poly Network wrote that the blockchain firm will take needed legal action and urge hackers to return all the stolen money.

The hackers have already started returning some money, which is an interesting development. According to Poly Network’s most recent tweet, the hackers have returned a total of $4,772,297.675 in assets.

Poly Network discovered the source of the vulnerability after conducting preliminary research. The hacker took advantage of a vulnerability between contract calls, according to the report, and the attack was not created by the single keeper as previously reported.

Meanwhile, Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency and ostensibly the most affected by the theft, has gained more than 25% in a week following a huge tech update.

The London Hard Fork upgrade, according to crypto specialists, is the basis for the cryptocurrency’s recent increase in value.

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