Porsche To Auction Its Unique Design Sketch As NFT

NFTs have been rising like a phoenix this year like never before. And, Porsche is the latest brand to enter this rising NFT market. The market has already seen Indy 500’s bitcoin racecar, Formula 1 and crypto.com’s partnership, and more. All these are signs of the NFT market booming at a great pace. Now, Porsche is on the way to take the endeavor in crypto and auction off its physical as well as digital NFT this week.

Porsche Entering NFTs

The auction that Porsche is planning will be made available from its brand subsidiary Porsche Digital and also spin-off start-up Fanzone. The auction will start on 2nd August and will end on 6th August. It features a unique design sketch from the Director of Exterior design in Porsche, Peter Varga. The auction at present is live on SuperRare. At the time of writing, it is live with a bid of just over 5 ETH.

Whoever wins the auction will take home with him both the digital NFT and the physical sketch. Peter Varga narrated that the sketch is a mixture of the Taycan Cross Turismo and historic 911 body styles. He said:

“It links the design language of our iconic sports car with that of the youngest member of the model range. Drawing a design sketch which is then traded online as a digital object was a completely new experience for me.”

This sketch is described as the true identity of the Porsche brand – “combining timeless beauty with state-of-the-art technology” by the SuperRare listing. The sketch marks the first time Porsche has entered the NFT field with its latest development of Fanzone. In addition, they will donate the proceeds of the first NFT to Viva con Agua. It is a non-profit organization advocating access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

A Platform For Trading Cards

The new project from the Porsche laboratory at Fanzone may become the basis for more projects in the future. In June, Porsche company builder and a division of Porsche Digital, Forward31, launched Fanzone as a digital online trading card platform for sports fans. Moreover, the Berlin FanZone signed the first partnership with the German Football Association. This division of Porsche continues to build a portfolio of fast-growing and innovative start-ups to attract audiences outside the Porsche brand. Fanzone seems to be a great addition to this portfolio, taking advantage of cryptocurrency and the NFT-first audience. With the help of the Lukso blockchain, Fanzone will bring initial NFTs to market. It is a German-based blockchain project that supports culture and fashion.

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