Pranksy Pranked By ‘Fake Banksy’ For Almost 100 ETH!

Pranksy, the non-fungible collector, was tricked into losing 97.67 Ether which was worth $341,500 after popular artist Banksy’s website was hacked into promoting a fake NFT auction. Since then, however, almost all the money has been returned. On the 31st of August, Pranksy saw a page on the popular artist’s official website advertising the NFT auction on the popular OpenSea marketplace.

Despite the fact that he expressed doubts about the authenticity of the token, Pranksy decided to participate in the auction. He raised the highest bid from 87 Ether ($304,500) to almost 100 ETH. The offer given by Pranksy was accepted. However, as soon as it was confirmed, the ‘fake Banksy’ removed the link of the OpenSea auction from Banksy’s website.

Pranksy started fearing that the listing could prove to be a fraud. So, just an hour after sharing the auction on Twitter, Pranksy posted:

“So my bid of 100 ETH was accepted for the potential #Banksy first #NFT on @opensea. The link was removed from his website so it could have been a very elaborate hoax, my guess is that is what it will be, only time will tell!”

Pranksy’s Money Was Returned Unexpectedly

A few hours later, the criminals returned the money to Pranksy by sending him his 97.69 ETH back. Pranksy firmly believes that he got his money back only because he identified the hacker and started following him on Twitter. He told to BBC that:

“The refund was totally unexpected, I think the press coverage of the hack plus the fact that I had found the hacker and followed him on Twitter may have pushed him into a refund.”

A spokesperson from Banksy said, “The artist Banksy has not created any NFT artworks. Any Banksy NFT auctions are not affiliated with the artist in any shape or form”. However, later they were not ready to talk about the fact whether Banky’s website was breached by hackers or not.

Also, the Twitter user “Cryptochild” commented on this drama. He noted that OpenSea was the only winner in this hack as the platform took 2.5% of Pransky’s huge bid.

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