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What is Nextype?

The Nextype platform describes itself as an open-source, cross-chain integrated application or rather an ecosystem built on games, non-fungible tokens and DeFi for the next generation. This platform uses the Nextype (NT) coin for conducting operations, integrating blockchains across the three functions and swapping user’s NFT assets. Thus, one can purchase NFTs on this platform.

Purchase NFTs
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What are Non fungible tokens?

Non fungible tokens are digital or intangible assets such as digital art, photos, videos, online games and music. Users buy and sell these NFTs online through cryptocurrencies. Although invented in 2014, NFTs have started to gain popularity recently due to the development of blockchain technology. In fact, coders use similar blockchain technologies to build NFT assets. Since 2017, the total transaction volumes of NFTs have crossed $150 million.

Purchase NFT
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What do you need to know about this airdrop?

The Nextype network is conducting an airdrop to spread awareness about its cryptocurrency: NT. It is airdropping a total of 400,000 NT coins to 2,000 lucky winners. The prize pool is worth $30,000 of NT coins.

However, the competition for this airdrop is substantial as the current number of participants stand at 180,315. This implies that only about 1% of the participants will win the event. The high number of participants also highlights the demand for this coin and the corresponding features.

The airdrop has almost reached its end. It commenced on July 15, 2021 and it will conclude on July 25, 2021. The Nextype network and its partner, CoinMarketCap will reveal the winners in the following week.

The users must follow some tasks in order to be eligible for this massive event. These tasks include following and promoting the social media accounts of the hosts and joining their telegram community.

Further, they must fill out their personal details in addition to their wallet addresses in a form provided by the hosts. The winning coins, if any, will be credited to the same wallets as mentioned in the forms.

What are the benefits of participating in this airdrop?

From being able to use an integrated platform to buying NFT assets with the NT coins, the airdrop has countless benefits.

The possession of the NT coins gives the owners access to the Nextype platform exclusively. These NT coins can be used to play games on the platform and stand a chance to earn extra rewards if they win the games. Moreover, Nextype serves as an exchange for people to sell their NFT assets efficiently. These NT tokens can also be used to purchase NFT assets for future investments.

Moreover, there is also a provision which enables the platform to provide an initial token distribution to people conducting various DeFi projects.

The users get to become a part of a developing community, chasing dreams for a digitalized future in the form of D’apps, NFTs and blockchain technology.

Users are recommended to take part in this airdrop although the competition is high. You never know how your luck turns out!

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