Radix Olympia Mainnet Is Here, Milestone In DeFi Industry

The smart money platform, Radix, today announced the release of the Radix Public Network (“mainnet”). The launch of Olympia represents a conscious next step in the planned roadmap into the future of cloudless finance. It includes a unique single sign-on to ensure compliance. In the past 4 months, the company’s token holders have increased by more than 400%, and the market value has increased by 81%. Radix’s “Olympia” represents a generation of progress in the history of decentralized accounting. Also, its execution efficiency is more than 100 times higher than the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Such huge progress is not a big deal for the protocol. This is because it has often been recognized in the industry as the protocol “addressing the scalability trilemma better than anyone.” After successfully launching the beta network in April, Radix is now also known for consistently complying with the world’s first Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, guided by the global roadmap, and known for being faster than other networks. 

CEO Of Radix Says

Piers Ridyard, the CEO of Radix said, “We have never wavered from our focus on the DeFi end game, a world of frictionless financial applications with no barriers to competition. To get there requires a clear, roadmap-driven approach to protocol development and a deep understanding of how the traditional world of finance works. Today’s battles of DeFi are simply irrelevant since the real opportunity is mainstream adoption.” 

An example of Radix’s future development is Instapass. It is a high-performance service that provides compliance to any decentralized application (dApp) with one click. With the help of Instapass, users can only provide the information needed to comply with regulatory requirements once. Then they can share that credential (with permission) with each dApp as needed. Instapass will revolutionize the development of decentralized applications by simplifying the integration of compliance functions. This will accelerate the time to market and reduce the company’s compliance risks.

The launch of Radix Public Network also marks the first time that XRD token holders will have a great opportunity. They will be able to earn rewards by betting to contribute to network security. There are more than 300 million tokens that they award every year to stakers. Also, they award an EIP-1559-like token burn with each transaction. This notorious competition among XRD token holders began with a lot of intensity. 

Partner at Maven 11, Balder Bomans said, “Crypto is an economic revolution and the Radix team understands that as well as anyone. Smart money is coming into crypto fast and, as the platform for smart money, Radix is focused on – and executing for – the long game of DeFi. With the release of mainnet, they are becoming a legitimate player in space.” 

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