RAK Lauched A Startup That Offers Simple-To-Use Mining Gear

RAKwireless Technologies Co. Ltd. (RAK), a pioneer in wireless end-to-end solutions and IoT technology, today launched the formation of MNTD (pronounced as minted). The new brand is a crypto-hardware startup that offers users simple-to-use mining gear.

Two new miners, one limited edition Goldspot Miner and the flagship MNTD. Miner, are part of the launch. The new Goldspot Miner will offer VIP customer service and will be focused on giving an amazing client experience and satisfaction. This launch demonstrates RAK’s dedication to the People’s Network and desire to make mining accessible to all.

MNTD and its goods are a result of the enormous demand for miners. MNTD. and RAK intend to send out supplies to crypto fans all around the world as soon as possible. Due to community input, the most recent launch will not accept pre-orders and will instead go online and ship to clients immediately. Customers who are interested in checking inventory can do so utilising the website’s live inventory tracker.

Source: RAK Wireless

Despite a year of record chip shortages and challenges, RAK has successfully delivered 60,000 units to members of The People’s Network in the previous few months. Throughout the rest of the year, the business expects to supply many more.

“We view the launch of the Limited Edition Goldspot Miner to be a testament to our ongoing mission in liaison with Helium; a partnership that has allowed us to build simple, secure, and scalable solutions to help build and expand The People’s Network,” says RAKwireless CEO, Ken Yu. “We unequivocally recognize the power this product has been able to provide to IoT and crypto enthusiasts across the world. With MNTD, we want to cater to the demands of the public with an introductory interest in crypto, we want consumers to look forward to having the limited-edition miner, in-stock and ready-to-ship as quickly as possible.”

Helium raised $111 million in a coin sale spearheaded by Andreessen Horowitz last month. The Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies are used to create a decentralised peer-to-peer 5G wireless network. Miner hotspot Helium aficionados buy the equipment and host it at home to mine crypto and access the network, dubbed “The People’s Network.” It’s a simple ‘plug and play’ approach; the entire process of setting up a miner may be completed in under 20 minutes.

About RAKwireless

In June of 2014, RAKwireless, an international technology business, was founded. RAK, based in Shenzhen, is transforming the IoT environment by removing design complexity and shortening time-to-market for neglected and growing sectors, such as open-source and industrial communities. RAKwireless is building a community of system integrators, developers, and IoT solution providers who are passionate about driving IoT solutions further than ever before by creating easy-to-deploy solutions and modular IoT devices.

About MNTD. 

MNTD. is on a mission to democratize cryptocurrency-related hardware and mining for common people (#ThePeople) who want to earn rewards but lack the technical knowledge or willingness to do so.

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