Reddit Will Soon Allow Users To Put NFTs In Profile Pictures Like Twitter


  • According to a source, Reddit is developing a similar feature that would allow users to add non-fungible-token (NFT) profile images, only days after Twitter revealed them.
  • According to Techcrunch, a Reddit spokeswoman stated that the test is still in its early phases and is not open to the general public. 
  • Reddit representative Tim Rathschmidt stated, “At the moment, we’re exploring the ability to utilise NFTs as profile photos (avatars) and verify ownership.” 

Days after Twitter declared non-fungible-token (NFT) profile pictures, Reddit is trying a comparable component that would permit clients to set NFTs as profile picture, a report guaranteed.

As indicated by Techcrunch, a Reddit representative said that test is in beginning phases and at present isn’t accessible to public clients on the site.

“Right now we’re trying the capacity to involve NFTs as profile pictures (symbols) and check ownership,” said Reddit representative Tim Rathschmidt. “It’s a little, inner test and no choices have been made about extending or carrying out the capacity.”

For the unenlightened, NFTs are advanced resources that can be as workmanship, GIF, music, brief recordings, besides even your profile picture can be transformed into a NFT-what makes NFT extraordinary is that it is put away on a blockchain (a computerized data set that is openly available) that stores evidence of possession.

Reddit Tests NFT Technology Recently

It should be noticed that Reddit has been exploring different avenues regarding different drives around NFTs for quite a while. The conglomeration stage had even set up a devoted page for NFT-related exercises.

This component will stop any bothersome right-clicker from involving your NFT as their profile picture without first purchasing the NFT. The pre-imperative to getting a NFT profile picture is a crypto wallet. Crypto wallets permit you to hold and execute (purchase, sell, convert, send, and so on) with tokens possessed by your public wallet address. This incorporates NFTs which are a sort of token.

CEO of WazirX Nischal Shetty commented “The sooner the better, as platforms will be able to attract the Web3 crowd.”

Meanwhile a Tweet has been posted from Reddit’s Twitter handle which directly arrow towards the NFT technology which the platform will adopt soon.

Reddit has been open all the time to the possibility of cryptographic money on its foundation. The organization in December, sent off a symbolic beta program that would permit certain subredditors to get compensated for their commitments in local tokens.

In the mean time, People referenced ‘crypto’ 6.6 multiple times on Reddit in 2021, as indicated by ‘Reddit Recap 2021’, which gathers together the most famous posts, themes and discussions on its foundation throughout the most recent year.

Reddit’s year-end survey noticed that clients made 366 million posts throughout the most recent year, which was a 19 percent expansion year-over-year. As of November, Reddit drew more than 2.3 billion all out remarks and 46 billion upvotes.

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