Redditor Directed Crypto To Fight Yemen Civil War!


  • A redditor has claimed that he has raised over $12000 in crypto.
  • These funds have been directed for the welfare of the people affected in the Yemen civil war.
  • According to him, $3000 has already been used to buy food and medicines for the affected ones.

What did the Redditor announce?

An anonymous Redditor has claimed that he has raised over $12,000 worth of cryptocurrency over the past few days. The person also says that these coins will be sold on Binance or some exchange so as to direct the proceeds from the sale to Yemen. Yemen is going through a civil war, which has left thousands of men, women and children affected. Some have no shelter, some surviving without food and water and some suffering from ails having no access to medicines to cure them.

Thus, the anonymous Redditor has taken up to himself to make a change, no matter how small for the people affected by the Yemen civil war. As mentioned, $12,000 worth of cryptocurrencies have already been raised out which $3,000 worth of coins were sold off on Binance. The fiat currency so received have been used to purchase food, water and medical supplies for the people in Yemen.

The Redditor has also said that $9,000 worth of coins are yet not been sold on the exchange due to technical malfunctions or glitches. He, however, will not rest until all the funds raised are utilized for the welfare of the people in Yemen.

The person is so determined in his pursuit of aiding the affected people in Yemen that he has pledged to use his own money to cover up the funds stuck on the exchange due to technical difficulties. In a statement, the person implied that since he is the one who raised the funds, it is his responsibility to make sure that those who need it, receive it.

Source: Daily Mail
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