Rob Weiss Hosts First Crypto TV Series!


  • Rob Weiss is an American television and film producer, screenwriter, actor and director.
  • He wrote and directed a film in 1993, Amongst Friends.
  • Rob Weiss will host the first ever crypto-based television show named ‘Hold On For Dear Life’.

Who is Rob Weiss?

Rob Weiss is an American television and film producer, screenwriter, actor and director. He wrote and directed a film in 1993, Amongst Friends. This film was well received by the audience and Rob was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Rob Weiss was interested in directing and producing from an early age. He attended the Woodmere academy to pursue this passion. Weiss, along with his college mate, wrote for the HBO show Entourage. He was also the co-writer for the episodes such as “Aquamansion”, “The Bat Mitzvah” and “The Sundance Kids.”

Weiss was also the producer of the HBO comedy serial, ‘How to make it in America’. In addition to this, Weiss also produced the show Ballers, starring Dwayne Johnson.

Rob Weiss
Source: The New York Times

What is Rob Weiss going to host?

Rob Weiss is going to host the first ever crypto-based television serial, “Hold On For Dear Life.” This abbreviation has been trending in the crypto market since its inception. Hodl is a term devised by crypto enthusiasts who support holding cryptocurrencies for the long-term. Thus, this slogan is heard a lot during market crashes and impulsive downfalls.

Hodl was the phrase widely used during the May lows. People encouraged each other not to panic sell their assets, rather have faith in their investments and hold the coins through the corrections.

This television series is based on the life of a young tech savvy person, Mel who launches her very own Non fungible token for her best friend Aveer. The NFT is named after Aveer because he has disappeared. It is up to Mel to overcome the obstacles of centralization and politics and complete a fruitful journey in search of her friend.

The producer, Rob Weiss opined that the show delivered fresh content to the audience. The show speaks about money and currencies in the new and popular language of digital assets. He said that the series focuses on the dynamism of the currency in the recent present. The television show is meant to spread awareness about the new technology as well as provide entertainment to the audience.

source: Twitter

What are the details of the NFT?

The Beacon Pictures’, Satoshi Nakamoto productions and the MAP group have also played a hand in producing this ten-part series with Rob Weiss. This comedy-drama series is the first ever television show to convert a part of its revenue into an ERC-20 token, the For Dear Life (FDL) token. This token is also available on the securitization’s official marketplace. The FDL token is built on the Ethereum blockchain using the same smart contracts that Ethereum does.

The FDL token will allow the cast, producers and staff to receive their profits directly into their digital wallets. The producers of the show have also partnered with an NFT platform that rewards people with NFTs and other digital assets for simply watching their favorite shows. With the establishment of this partnership, the audience will be able to redeem rewards for watching ‘Hold On For Dear Life’.  The directors are also in talks of launching the first episode of the series as a Non fungible token.

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