Seascape Network & Binance NFT: Unleashed Exclusive Zombie Mystery Box NFTs

The supreme DeFi and NFT gaming platform, Seascape Network has joined hands with Binance NFT thus providing BSC integration for the exclusive NFT of their upcoming zombie game series on the New Binance NFT market.

Mystery Boxes From Binance NFT

The zombie hunter character Wichita is a limited edition NFT and it will only be available through mystery boxes branded by Binance NFT. They will be available in 5 different qualities. Some of the NFTs out of them are of extremely high qualities and once a player gets them, it brings them higher and better rewards when they will use those NFTs in the upcoming 5th game from Seascape. There are a limited number of rare NFTs that are minted. This is why all the serious players are asked to focus on trying and acquiring those NFTs through the NFT Mystery Boxes and then start betting them for competitive and amazing rewards.

Seascape Has Majored In DeFi Games

This information comes after a sequence of excessive factors for the developing gaming community this summer. All the DeFi games from Seascape ranked and earned the first top 10 places in BSC’s DeFi games category. Moreover, their unique and original NFTs Scapes were ranked Number 1 on the NFT marketplace Treasureland and that too for nearly a whole month of June 2021. SushiSwap is the Crypto world’s most highly rated Ethereum-based DEX. It is a proud moment for the company that its games were listed on it. Soon the company launched its 4th game primarily based on NFTs. Binance NFT Mystery Boxes provide a perfect success on a stellar month for the developing community.

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Seascape’s Zombie NFTs

Like every company, Seascape also has its aims and beliefs. It really believes that the future of NFT in different categories of games should be to create value for its owners. The company rather than spending its time in buying an NFT for market price and then using or exchanging them for different accomplishments in the game such as upgrading a character or its weapons spends its time in offering various opportunities to the holders to increase their earnings through these NFTs.

Currently, the prices of the Seascape Zombie NFTs are very competitive at just under £20 BUSD. The NFTs from Seascape’s zombie game has various parameters like characteristics, quality, and generation. These parameters greatly affect the ways through which users deploy them to generate their profits. The zombie hunter character Wichita NFTs come in 5 different qualities. They are Common, Special, Rare, Epic, & Legendary. All the players are free to bet their Scapes in Seascape’s zombie-themed DeFi game in return for in-game rewards. These volatile NFTs are about to land on the Binance NFT market. They will be soon ready enough to tell more stories about cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in these NFTs then you can get the latest information through the official Seascape Twitter account.

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