Secret Network Added Private Governance To Its DeFi Project

The privacy Focused Secret Network introduced private on-chain governance for its automated market maker SecretSwap. As a matter of fact, the platform SecretSwap works in the same fashion as UniSwap or SushiSwap. But, what makes it different is its privacy features. It includes resistance to “front-running”. Basically, front running is a robot attack or a transaction strategy on the Ethereum network. In this, the robot first receives the transaction that it needs to execute just when the known future transaction is about to take place. The introduction of management tools in this platform means that holders of SEFI SecretSwap tokens can vote through the default private system. The launch was announced in a blog post. In the same blog post, the company stated that doing so will “ensure the integrity and sovereignty of decentralized governance by SecretSwap.

Secret Network’s SecretSwap

Although according to the data provided by the Secret Analytics website, SecretSwap is currently new in the world of DeFi (decentralized finance), however, by this time it has seen over $275 million in volume. Tor Bair is the Secret Network Foundation’s executive director and chairman. He said, “Data privacy is critical to the security and usability of DeFi. SecretSwap solves universal DeFi issues like front-running while giving users access to multi-chain assets and privacy by default.” This step continues to create the Secret Network system and application line. It provides an alternative to the commonly used DeFi platform. The public still needs to see that how this will develop into practice. This is because public DeFi projects and democratic procedures often promote transparent voting.

Bair also said that there still are some of the challenges present. They are coming in the way of launching the project. This includes protecting the voting mechanism from offline attacks. Also, it should protect the individual votes while they are still present in the total amount. Moreover, it requires that all this should work seamlessly with existing corporate user interfaces.

Bair further stated, “This launch of SEFI governance fulfills the initial promise of the SEFI governance token and strengthens community ownership over SecretSwap and the future growth of Secret DeFi – a multichain, front-running resistant, privacy-centric DeFi ecosystem that puts users first.”

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