Serena Williams makes an entry into NFT world

Tennis Legend Serena Williams makes an entry into NFT world by joining the board of Sorare. Let’s learn more about this.


Tennis legend and 23 Grand Slam winner, Serena Williams is now in the NFT world. Williams has joined the board of Sorare, a fantasy football start-up using Blockchain Technology.

About Sorare

Sorare uses Ethereum based Blockchain Technology. In Sorare, users can form a virtual team of five football players cards on the platform. These teams will be then ranked according to the players’ performance on the real football field.

The special feature of Sorare is that some of the player cards are actually NFTs. The NFT cards use the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs are ranked in the order of limited, rare, super-rare and unique cards. The Blockchain network’s use proves the actual scarcity of the cards, which make them valuable.

The game is an excellent application of Blockchain technology and NFTs in real world scenarios. Here, these cards, as collectibles, are valuable to football enthusiasts. And using NFTs and Blockchain Technology, Sorare assures the rarity of the Cards, unlike some games that have shady algorithm designed to extract the most out of their userbase.

Williams’ entry in to board

Williams is on the board of Sorare now. She will be providing recommendations to the team on various topics. Topics such as, Sorare’s relationship with players around the globe. Also, Williams will give advice on the company’s strategies to extend the company into emerging sports categories, including female sports.

Sorare’s CEO, Nicolas Julia said on Williams’ arrival, “When you have the ambition to build the biggest entertainment group in the world of sports, and you have the opportunity to partner with one of the greatest athletes in history, you want that perspective.”

Nicolas Julia, The CEO of Sorare

Williams’ thoughts on her entry

In an interview to Forbes, Williams talked about her involvement with Sorare. “I actually was introduced to Sorare through my husband,” said the tennis legend about her husband, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Ohanian has a venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, with which he invested $50 million in the company as part of its series A round in February 2021. Williams further said that “Sorare does more than just collectibles. They deliver meaningful interactions between users and their favorite teams or players, which I thought was different.”

Williams and her Husband, Alexis Ohanian


Williams is also optimistic about web3 and Cryptocurrencies. She expressed her views in the interview by saying, ”When we think of web3 and we think of crypto: that’s going to be the biggest space for the next several years in terms of growth.”

She further said that, “As web3 and crypto continue to grow, everyone’s trying to figure out how to make the experience more diverse and inclusive – and everyone is trying to get involved.”


Tennis legend Serena Williams makes an entry into NFT world by joining the board of the Blockchain based fantasy football game.

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