Shiba Inu Gets Listed by Another Indian Crypto Exchange

Shiba Inu gets listed by another popular Indian crypto exchange, Giottus. Let us dig deeper to learn more about this news of the listing.


Another Indian Crypto exchange Giottus, is about to join the list of Exchanges to list the popular memecoin Shiba Inu.

This news comes after the official announcement by Giottus on their twitter handle.

Background of Giottus

Giottus is one of the many popular crypto exchanges of India. The platform took off in 2018. The Chennai based platform was launched by entrepreneurs Vikram Subburaj and Arjun Vijay after seeing a boom in the Crypto industry in India.

However, the launching of the platform coincided with the decision of the RBI to ban Banks from providing financial services to Cryptocurrency related service providers. Naturally, these roadblocks were challenging for the company. Consequently, the ban crippled the company’s ideas of expansion. The company had to operate as a peer-to-peer exchange for a while.

However, in 2020 the Supreme Court of India gave the good news of outlawing the ban. Indeed, this marked a major win for the Crypto industry in India. Consequently, Giottus grew rapidly. With the support of Banks, the company recorded outstanding figures in terms of trading volume and monthly registrations. Presently, the exchange has had a  trading volume of $207 million in the last day.

Listing of Shiba Inu in Indian Crypto Exchanges

Shiba Inu has seen rapid adoption all over the world. Before Giottus, Shiba Inu was getting on the lists of major Indian Crypto Exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Unocoin, ZebPay and CoinDCX have listed Shiba Inu in the past.

Recently we covered, another very popular exchange CoinSwitch Kuber listing the Token on their platform. They also added another feature, a Riskometer to make sure the investors are well aware of the volatility of the meme token. You can read more about this by clicking this link here.


Shiba Inu gets listed by another popular Indian crypto exchange, Giottus. Surely, this will give Investors more opportunity and options to trade in various Cryptocurrencies. The listing of new tokens by Indian exchanges is definitely a good news for the Indian Crypto community.

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