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  • is an e-commerce platform that was established in December 2020.
  • The platform allows consumers to buy goods from Amazon, Walmart and Ebay through various cryptocurrencies.
  • has partnered with the Tron Foundation to facilitate payments through the TRX coin.

What is is an e-commerce platform that was established in December 2020. The platform is based on cryptocurrency payments. Users can purchase goods on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay and make the payments through hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

The platform was founded by drop shipping veterans who were enthusiastic about integrating cryptocurrency with payments. The platform offers certain rewards to users after a specific number of purchases are completed.

The E-commerce network is also working on a software which will make incompatible tokens, operational in making payments on its platforms. They intend to revolutionize the way they do business with cryptocurrencies.
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What is Tron?

Tron is a decentralized blockchain network It has its own decentralized licensed cryptocurrency called the TRX token.

A Singaporean organization developed the entire project in 2017. The Tron foundation offers to eliminate middlemen and third-parties. This helps content creators to publish their content online without paying transactional fees.

Tron foundation
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What did the platform announce?

According to a twitter post made by, the platform is integrating with the Tron foundation. This partnership will facilitate a new payment option with the TRX coin on the platform. The Tron network equips advanced blockchain features and peer-to-peer facility to eliminate the need of middleman in any given transaction.

From today onwards, the TRX token holders will be able to use the digital currency to purchase goods on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay through the portal. All three e-commerce platforms offer a wide variety of goods ranging from necessities such as groceries to luxuries such as expensive watches.

One will also receive a 2% discount on all their purchases done through the TRX token. This discount will be valid for two weeks, starting from August 25, 2021. They can avail this discount infinite times during this period, thus benefiting greatly.

Shopping.ioโ€™s partnership with the Tron foundation will encourage other such networks to partner with the e-commerce platform to avail payment facilities. All these partnerships laid down by is leading the way to the vision of cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream methods of payment and store of value. is the only international cryptocurrency platform that allows customers to make purchases on established platforms such as Amazon with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

source: Twitter

What did the two parties have to say about the partnership?

On the establishment of this partnership, both parties had some words to say. The CEO and founder of said:

โ€œWe are so excited to give Tron holders the ability to shop with us. Getting to work with Tron was a huge goal this year as we push to collaborate with every big name in crypto.โ€

The founder of Tron network gave his opinions on the joint project:

โ€œWe are thrilled to be partnering with to allow our community to use $TRX token on major E-commerce websites like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. provides users with real-world applications for their portfolio.โ€ tron partnership
Source: Twitter

What are the benefits of this partnership?

The foundation partnership has countless benefits for crypto enthusiasts:

  • Tron holders can use their assets to buy various goods from established e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart and Ebay.
  • They are eligible to receive a 2% discount on each purchase from August 25, 2021 onwards.
  • The and Tron foundation will be able to generate a new revenue stream by charging commissions on each purchase made.
  • E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart and Ebay will earn in digital assets. Their assets can grow in value rather than the depreciating dollar.
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