Soluna Holdings Inc. Has Finally Lauched Curtailment Assessment Services!

Soluna Holdings, Inc., a provider of green data centres for bitcoin mining and other intense computing, said today that it is now providing a tailored estimation service for clean energy power plant owners and developers hoping to avoid costly curtailment issues. With the inclusion of flexible offtake of curtailed electricity by Soluna’s modular data centres, the bespoke Curtailment Assessment is an NDA-protected analysis of proprietary, project-level data to predict both lost and recovered income (MDC).

“We started as a wind developer, so we know that curtailment can steal up to 30 percent of an asset owner’s power generation/profit potential,”John Belizaire, CEO of Soluna Computing, remarked. “That’s been accepted as a given. We say it’s now an avoidable cost, and we’re out to show asset owners that they don’t have to watch their margins drain away.” 

When sustainable energy producers, such as solar and wind farms, are unable to sell all of their power to a congested or over-supplied grid, or must sell it at a loss, curtailment occurs. Due to a failure to deliver on negotiated power purchase agreements (PPAs), the loss of Production Tax Credits (PTC), and Renewable Energy Certificates, curtailment costs power plant owners up to $2 million per year (RECs).

Soluna’s Curtailment Assessment is a ground-breaking, unique service that examines a producer’s historical data to calculate how much more money may be realised by combining flexible energy demand from the company’s modular data centres on-site.

Source: Soluna

Curtailment Assessment Process

Power partners that want a tailored evaluation can send data to Soluna for examination under a non-disclosure agreement. Soluna’s staff analyses the data and creates a bespoke Curtailment Assessment and a strategy to fix the profit bleed once it is received. This plan will examine the project’s total production, curtailed energy, seasonality, and the financial impact of curtailment in great detail.

Soluna’s Curtailment Assessment creates revenue-boosting strategies, such as modular data centres ranging in size from 50 MW to 150 MW. The data centres are being built behind the metre in order to create flexible demand that turns reduced energy into more cash. Within six months, Soluna can design and construct a modular data centre.

“We want to make renewable energy a global superpower, and we will do that by offering our computing centers as an immediately available, cost-effective alternative to battery storage for utility-scale renewable energy plants,” continued John Belizaire.

Having batchable computing capabilities on-site, such as cryptocurrency mining, may boost a renewable energy project’s earnings by 20% to 30%. Every surplus megawatt that the solar panels or wind turbines are unable to sell is consumed by these on-site scalable data centres.

About Soluna Holdings, Inc.

Soluna Holdings, Inc. is the world’s top green data centre developer, converting surplus renewable energy into global computing resources. Soluna creates modular, scalable data centres for batchable applications like bitcoin mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Soluna is a more affordable option than battery storage or transmission cables. Mechanical Technology, Inc. (MTI) bought Soluna Computing in 2021, resulting in the formation of Soluna Holdings. MTI Instruments, a part of Soluna, makes precision tools and testing equipment for sectors such as electronics, aviation, automotive, power, and others. Soluna and MTI Instruments both employ technology and deliberate design to address complicated real-world problems. Renewable energy plants have the potential to squander up to 30% of their electricity. Clean energy asset owners may use Soluna’s data centres to ‘Sell. Every. Megawatt.’

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