Sophia, a humanoid robot, will become an iNFT for Noah’s Ark Metaverse Project.

Sophia, the popular humanoid robot, will soon be available as an “intelligent non-fungible token (iNFT)” in the metaverse. The human-like bot will be part of the “Noah’s Ark” metaverse project. On December 16, the tokenized form of Sophia will be up for auction on Binance. A total of 99 iNFTs will be auctioned off alongside Sophia.

The news comes after Sophia co-creator Jeanne Lim unveiled “Sophia beingAI,” a virtual anime version of the humanoid, last month. Lim was touting “beingAI,” her new artificial intelligence (AI) startup.

BeingAI has teamed up with iNFT production company Alethea AI to bring 100 tokens to life for the metaverse, including Sophia on Binance’s NFT marketplace. The iNFT will be used in Alethea AI’s Noah’s Ark project.

Noah’s Ark is an “intelligent metaverse” dedicated to preserving and advancing the human race’s culture and collective intellect.

“We’re really looking forward to bringing Sophia beingAI to life as an iNFT,” Lim stated.

While NFTs are digital artifacts such as gaming characters and artwork based on real-life entities, iNFTs have the intelligence of an AI personality encoded in them. While NFTs in the metaverse are controlled by their owners, iNFTs may interact with individuals in real-time inside a gamified reality.

On December 21, the auction for these 100 iNFTs will end.

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In November, a block of land in Decentraland was sold for $2.43 million (approximately Rs. 18 crores).

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