Spider-Man: No Way Home Moviegoers Can Get NFTs at AMC Theatres.

Over 100 NFT designs will be available, all created by Cub Studios, a BAFTA and Lovie award-winning animation studio.

AMC Theatres and Sony Pictures have chosen to give non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to individuals who purchase or reserve Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets in advance. For AMC Stubs Premiere, A-List, and Investor Connect members who are the first to purchase their opening day tickets, or in the case of AMC Stubs A-List members who are the first to reserve their seats, up to 86,000 NFTs will be made available at any and all US AMC Theatres locations.

The NFT giveaway will be valid only for tickets purchased or reserved for showtimes on December 16 in all forms, according to the announcement’s press release. Members of AMC Stubs A-List, Premiere, or Investor Connect must purchase or reserve tickets via the AMC Theatres website or on the AMC mobile app to be eligible for the NFT.

The transaction must include the member’s AMC Stubs account number, and the movie ticket must be scanned at the theatre when the guest arrives. The NFT code will not be given if the ticket purchase is refunded, or if the ticket is unused or not scanned.

These tickets are likely to sell out soon, as there are only 86,000 NFTs available through this campaign. NFT codes and redemption instructions will be emailed to individuals who qualify on December 22, and the NFT must be redeemed by March 1, 2022.

The Spider-Man NFT will be redeemable at a specialized site run by WAX, an energy-efficient blockchain with a minimal carbon impact that is the first to be declared carbon neutral. WAX has already enlisted the help of a number of well-known businesses, including Mattel, the creator of HotWheels.

While this is the first time a large theatre has given NFTs, it’s no surprise that AMC Theatres was the first to take advantage of the chance. Over the last several months, the theatre firm has been at the vanguard of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption, driven by CEO Adam Aron, who believes that moviegoers and shareholders have been “clamouring” for NFTs. Given their rarity and historical significance, it will be intriguing to see how much these assets will be worth in a few decades.

“Our AMC Theatres visitors and AMC Entertainment stockholders have been clamouring for AMC to enter the world of NFTs, and we couldn’t think of a better way to get started than with our dear colleagues at Sony Pictures,” Aron said of the partnership.

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