Spilling the Tea about the Dead Billionaire:

Bitcoin billionaire Mircea Popescu died in Costa Rica, according to reports. His death was originally reported in a Costa Rican news report, according to Bitcoin Magazine. Three women with whom he was known to have had long-standing, allegedly consenting master-slave relationships have now confirmed it.

Popescu is estimated to have held $1 billion (approximately Rs. 7,428 crore) in the world’s largest cryptocurrency. The 41-year-old, who is also known as a Bitcoin advocate, leaves a tumultuous history behind. “I prefer Bitcoin because it allows me to be free. “It’s as simple as that,” he once stated.

He was a frequent blogger, posting 70-100 posts every month. However, several people claimed that the blog contained racist and sexist material. It was considered “not safe for work,” according to many.Trilema.com is unavailable in India, presumably because of its content.  He created bitcoin exchange Mpex in 2012 after blogging about cryptocurrencies in its early years, which eventually became the subject of a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) inquiry. Eric Voorhees of Romanian-based Mpex mentioned Satoshi DICE, a prominent gambling service that exclusively accepted bitcoin.If the billionaire had not allowed anybody else access to his wallet, the Bitcoin he possessed may be lost. This might have an influence on the world’s largest cryptocurrency’s pricing. After the offering was not permitted by the regulator, the listing became a part of the SEC inquiry. Later, Voorhees was penalised and ordered to buy back the listed shares. Popescu became famous for mocking the SEC during the crisis, even posting his communication with the enforcement agency on his Trilema blog. His quirkiness was on full show as he set out to deconstruct the SEC’s requests for information regarding Mpex and customer operations and expose the flaws in their reasoning.

Popescu, who was embroiled in scandal for years, left a trail of statements and sayings, some of which presented a bad picture of the man himself. None of his pranks, however, were taken as seriously as his threat to dump a million bitcoins on the market if Bitcoin block sizes were changed (which allegedly happened in 2016), garnering him the nickname “Father of Bitcoin Toxicity.” Segwit2x, a project to expand the block size to 2MB, was eventually abandoned, cementing the network’s usage of the 1MB block size.

Pete Rizzo, the editor of Bitcoin Magazine, curated a Twitter thread with some of Popescu’s Bitcoin comments. “RIP Mircea Popescu (1980 – 2021)” is the first post in Rizzo’s thread. “Dubbed ‘The Father of Bitcoin Toxicity’ by some, Mircea will go down in history as one of #Bitcoin’s most reviled people and unquestionably one of its finest philosophers,” he continues.

In crypto circles, word of Popescu’s death began circulating, with some speculating on what would happen to his possessions.

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