Stake Your Stack: Up To 12% Interest By Zebpay.

Are you receiving an interest on your crypto holdings?

Tired of waiting for your portfolio to go up in value? Well, you don’t have to. ZebPay, one of the oldest crypto companies in India and in the world announced that one can earn up to 12% passive income with the new lending feature on its platform. Yes, you read it right. You can deposit your cryptocurrency holdings and earn fixed returns on them just like a fixed deposit. This interest will be in addition to the capital appreciation of your holdings, if any.

You can further stake your stacks in order to receive more rewards. Here’s how:

What are these services?

There are two services offered under this platform, open term and fixed term. Under open term deposit, the lender will receive interest as applicable for that day. These interests will be directly credited to their crypto wallets. Such service enables the lender not only to earn interests every day, but they can return their crypto holdings back to their trading account anytime they want. Open term deposits will largely benefit the intraday traders who do not hold their coins for more than a day. With this, they will not only profit from their price movements but earn interest too.

Under fixed term deposits, one can lend their holdings for the following time period: 7-day, 30-day, 60-day and 90-day period. The interest rates will vary in accordance with the time period opted by the lender. The interests created over the span of the time as well as the principal amount lent will be credited to the lender’s trading account on the expiry date. However, if one needs their holdings back before the maturity of the chosen term, they may do so but a penalty charged will be levied on the accumulated returns till date of withdrawal. This service will largely benefit long-term investors and “hodlers” who hold their positions over a long period of time.

Since this service is relatively new, Zebpay has restricted it to specific coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Polygon (matic), DAI and Tether. The annualized returns for the coins are as follows

CoinsAnnualized return
Binance Coin9%
Polygon (Matic)6.5%

What are the benefits of taking this service?

As peculiar as it sounds, the lending service is a masterstroke, for the platforms as well as the investors. Cryptocurrencies have ushered in the millennial era as nothing less than a revolution. These lending services will induce the citizens to allocate their funds from cash , fixed deposits, stocks, bonds or debentures into cryptocurrencies. After all, who wouldn’t want interests in addition to capital appreciation?

No other financial instrument offers such financial advantage. Such a service may also encourage people to switch to cryptocurrencies as a means to conduct transactions rather than fiat money. The evolution from commodity money to metallic money to paper money to bank money and finally to cryptocurrencies will be imminent and its adoption is inevitable.

Cryptocurrencies offer the combined advantages of all types of money into one. One can buy goods with cryptocurrencies hence performing the function of fiat money. One can use cryptocurrencies to purchase other coins, thereby performing the function of barter system. And with the recent developments, one can even earn regular interests just like fixed deposits of bonds all while the value of their holdings appreciating overtime.

What is staking and how is it beneficial to you?

If you’re wondering how else you can make money from your holdings, we have got you covered. In addition to lending, one can stake their holdings to earn a reward. Staking is the activity whereby a user hold or locks in his funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to participate the operations of proof-of-stake blockchain system. This activity helps a network achieve an understanding while rewarding its participants.

The rewards depend on how many coins are locked in the wallet. The stakers are incentivized for developing the network by adding new transactions to the blockchain. If you’re an Ethereum investor then you’re in luck! You can participate in staking ETH 2.0 which is growing popular among investors. For this, one needs to own a minimum of 32ETH. You can create another source of income by ‘stake your stack’ method!

staking crypto
Source : ICO.LI

Nowadays, several exchanges have jumped into the staking business due to the growing demand and accumulation of a large base including Binance, Coinbase and other private wallets. Staking allows investors to monetize their idle cryptocurrency holdings. However, investors must choose their staking platforms as they are just as important as the rewards. Investors must conduct thorough research before following the ‘stake your stack’ method as they come with certain risks along with the corresponding rewards.

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