Statue In Budapest Honouring Bitcoin Founder “Satoshi Nakamoto”

A statue honouring the enigmatic Bitcoin creator was unveiled in Budapest.

Satoshi was named “the founding father of the entire cryptocurrency sector” by Andras Gyorfi, a Bitcoin journalist and the project’s creator.

 “He is the deity of our market since he invented Bitcoin and blockchain technology.”

The featureless face of the bust is lavishly gilded to make it reflect like a mirror in which viewers can see themselves, and it is dressed in a bronze hoodie brand rapper with the Bitcoin insignia.

Sculptors Reka Gergely and Tamas Gilly intended to portray a human shape while keeping Nakamoto’s identity.

The statue, according to Gyorfi, is a tribute to Nakamoto and an effort to “raise awareness toward blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

“It was a huge undertaking. Making a portrait sculpture of someone we don’t know exactly how they appear like is quite difficult”.

“I hope that by using sculpture as a medium, I was able to represent the essential concept of Bitcoin. Which is that it belongs to everyone and no one at the same time,” Gilly told The Press.

He raised roughly $10,000 in cryptocurrency donations with the help of other Hungarian Bitcoin aficionados to fund the bust’s production.

“Unfortunately, the sculptors and other service providers don’t accept Bitcoin yet,” he added, adding that the money had to be translated into Hungarian currency.


The microblogging site shows the on-air trending statue status on the search “Bitcoin”.

People are very happy about the statue made for honouring bitcoin founder and shared their opinion.

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