Steve Jobs First Job Applicaton Will Be Auctioned Soon As NFT

The first job application for auction, IRL and NFT from Apple Guru Steve Jobs.

The first application by Steve Jobs is to be placed under the hammer in a world first auction today that will see the paper document being auctioned as a digital counterpart – at the same price and at the same starting price.


In 1973, one year before he joined video game startup Atari, where he met Apple other co-founder Steve Wozniak Apple, Apple’s co-Founding Office, who died of cancer at the age of 56 in 2011.

The job application is a window to a pivotal moment in time that impacted the way in which we now globally communicate and connect.

Users on micro-blogging site posted about the news and reacted on it.

Works describes his early interests and skills in the form, noting computer, calculator, design and electrical technology experiences.

He says, ironically, that he had no telephone andthat, even if he had a driver’s licence — transportation access was “possible” but not “probable.”

RR auction

Young businessman Olly Joshi bought a form for the auction hosted four months ago by Charterfields with a group of similar minded partners for £204,000.

Joshi now sells the form with his Non-fungible token (NFT). He retweeted a post which announces the auction news.

Prior to the auction, Joshi stated that he expects the lot “would be a big proof point for NFTs and their importance in culture,” emphasising the appropriateness of using an item designed by Apple’s creator.

The application’s token is hosted on the NFT marketplace Rarible. It will be available for purchase in the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

The physical auction will be held by Snoofa, an auction software company, and will be offered to buyers in both crypto and US dollars.

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