Stoner Cats NFT Sums Up $8 Million In Auction

‘Stoner Cats,’ an animated series based on Mila Kunis’ new non-fungible token (NFT) initiative, has made millions of dollars in sales. Orchard Farm Productions, Kunis’ studio, will produce a new television series for token holders only.

The cryptocurrency industry and mainstream news outlets have been talking about “Stoner Cats,” a new NFT initiative backed by Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher.

Chris Rock, Jane Fonda, and Seth MacFarlane from “Family Guy” are among the celebrities who have collaborated with the duo. “Lord Catsington” will be played by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

The show revolves around an elderly woman named “Ms. Stoner” who lives with a slew of mischievous cats. Ms. Stoner has Alzheimer’s Disease and has decided to use medical marijuana to treat her symptoms.

However, as soon as the elderly woman fills the house with fish bowls, her cats become elated and begin conversing with one another.

A tweet showing Ms. Stoner and her cats

Website Intro

As a preview of the future show, Ms. Stoner and her cats are featured on the “Stoner Cats” website. The new show, however, will not be open to the general public; it will only be available to holders of NFTs, which sold out on Tuesday.

Nearly 10,000 NFTs were sold in less than 35 minutes, with each card costing 0.35 ETH (over $800). NFTs can also be sold on secondary markets, and the transaction raised a total of $8.4 million. The online portal for the animated series goes into great detail about what the show will involve.

Meanwhile, the new owner of the NFT, is seeking $81 million for the blockchain-based card.

Opensea and other secondary marketplaces offer a large premium over the initial $800 investment. It recently sold for 30 ETH ($69.7K), and the current owner wants 35,000 ETH ($81 million) for it.

Ms. Stoner’s ethereum card, which sold for $69,700. (ETH). Via

While so many good reviews about the nft show, some people called it waste of money and criticised the show is only for rich people.

More criticism as the failed transaction reached more than $700k.

Although there was a lot of activity throughout the sales, Dune Analytics estimates that close to $800,000 worth of ethereum (ETH) was spent during the 35-minute period.

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