Support A Noble Cause With The WSPP Airdrop!


What is WSPP?

The Wolf Safe Poor Token claims to be the first possible decentralized marketing platform. Support a noble cause with the WSPP airdrop. It is a next generation cryptocurrency that decreases imbalance in the world by reducing poverty!

You may be wondering how it does this. Well, it’s quite simple. The blockchain network has a protocol which reduces poverty with the Binance smart chain by raising as many funds as possible. Any number of persons from any part of the world can donate funds as this protocol is available globally.

The protocol was developed using Dapps. Dapps have back tested codes running a decentralized peer-to-peer network. These are different from other protocols which run their algorithms in a centralized way. The users can customize the algorithms with Dapps to function as per their requirements.

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What are Dapps?

Dapps are a popular platform which allow users to write algorithms that are tailor-made for the requirements of the users. Users invent new businesses on a decentralized network with Dapps. These protocols are based on the Ethereum blockchain network. It inherits all the features of Vitalik Buterin’s cryptocurrency. Dapps have no owners, providing full decentralization. They are free from censorship and have built-in payments.

What do you need to know about this airdrop?

The Wolf Safe Poor network has partnered up with CoinMarketcap to launch an airdrop. The network has decided to airdrop 9 trillion WSPP tokens to 2,000 lucky winners. The number of coins to be airdropped are so huge because of the negligible market value of the coin. The coin’s market price is next to $0. This coin is not for commercial purposes, rather for social purposes. To spread awareness among the global community about this social cause, the network deemed it best to launch an airdrop.

The main aim of this airdrop is to make people aware of this decentralized platform and raise as many funds as possible. The proceeds will be used for the welfare of the poor. However, the methods employed to do so are not known at this time.

Even with a negligible market price, already 263,533 people have participated in this airdrop. This airdrop has no benefits to the winners. Yet, these many people have come together to promote this social cause.

To take part in this noble event, one must promote the twitter handles of the WSPP network and join the CoinMarketCap community. Furthermore, they must also join the WSPP telegram community.

The network will announce the list of winners on their official twitter account seven days after the conclusion of the event.

Why should you participate in this airdrop?

It is crystal clear that this airdrop will have no material benefit to the participants. However, this airdrop supports a noble cause. As mentioned before, the network works towards raising funds for the welfare of the underprivileged. Being a decentralized platform, the WSPP network has full autonomy as to how they want to utilize their funds. Moreover, they are not held back by bureaucracy or corruption. They can choose to utilize all their funds as and when the requirement occurs.

Thus, users are recommended to take part in this noble cause, even though they will not benefit from it.

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