“Support For Crypto Ecosystem Continues,” Says, Visa’s Cuy Sheffield

Visa, the world’s first digital payment company, has created Visa’s Global Crypto Advisory to help clients and partners navigate the crypto world. For financial institutions, the argument for bitcoin is growing more persuasive. According to recent global research, approximately 40% of cryptocurrency owners would transfer their primary banks to one that offers cryptocurrency goods.

Cuy Sheffield, head of the crypto at Visa, the world’s largest payment processor, discussed the development of a worldwide advice service for banks and merchants in a recent interview. He discussed crypto and various matters related to it. Pondering on all the topics and sub-topics extensively, he explained what he thinks and why he thinks so?


When asked how you consider “crypto” as a cool asset and his views on the same, he said Cryptocurrency lies at the crossroads of commerce and culture in an interesting way. While crypto wallets were originally designed to store bitcoins, they are also being utilised for other purposes such as discovering new music and art. Crypto wallets are on their way to becoming a super app that is engrained in people’s daily life.

NFTs are another intriguing component of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that Visa is keeping a close eye on. NFTs have the potential to be a tremendous accelerator for the creator economy, lowering the entrance barrier for individual creatives looking to make a living through digital commerce. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) might benefit greatly from NFTs. SMBs may now sell online and reach clients all over the world thanks to the advent of e-commerce.


Discussing more Crypto and its adoption, the volume and scope of Visa’s crypto effort have expanded considerably. At Visa, the number of individuals working on crypto in some form is currently in the hundreds, up from a few dozen just a few years ago. In the previous 18 months, we’ve more than quadrupled our number of crypto platform collaborations, bringing the total to 60. We’ve also witnessed our clients’ attitudes on crypto change over the previous several years, from scepticism to awareness to an understanding that crypto would almost certainly have an influence on their existing business.


We conducted a global survey on customer perceptions to gain a deeper understanding of how people think and feel about cryptocurrency. Nearly one-third of respondents (nearly one-third) had used cryptocurrency, either as an investment tool or as a medium of exchange, according to the research. On further discussing what’s the role of NFTs, NFTs, we believe, will play a significant role in retail, social media, entertainment, and commerce in the future. Merchants, brands, and content platforms interested in participating in the NFT-commerce ecosystem have shown a lot of interest. However, before businesses can truly comprehend how to sell NFTs or bring NFT-enabled goods to market, they must first understand what it takes to acquire, manage, and interact with an NFT, from the infrastructure needs to the actual transactions to the storage.

Our CryptoPunk purchase aided us in gaining that fundamental knowledge. We’re better prepared to assist our partners to comprehend the NFT ecosystem so they can start thinking about ways to participate in the emerging crypto economy because we’ve worked directly with it. On discussing what are the future plans for digital transactions, he said to be clear, the $3.5 billion is the total amount spent on Visa’s crypto-linked card operations. This is a modest percentage of total Visa card spending, but given that these programs didn’t exist in any meaningful fashion a year ago, it’s a sign that they’re gaining appeal. Finally, we wish to act as a link between the crypto economy and our worldwide network of 80 million merchant locations and over 15,000 financial institutions.

Government organizations have been circling around the concepts of crypto and all its associated terms, but what is more important is that people should always remain well versed with the latest ongoings and pay attention to what these big firms and important personnel’s have to say.

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