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Justin Sun claims to have won Blue Origin’s $28 million auctions and plans to purchase five more space seats.

The champion of Blue Origin's $28 million bid for a ticket on their hypersonic spaceship revealed himself today — and he's buying tickets for five more people to join him in a year or so.

Hermitage Raised $440K Via Binance NFT Auction

There is a major state-backed museum that is greatly benefiting from the crypto industry just by raising hundreds and thousands of dollars with the help of these NFTs.

Never-before-seen Kobe Bryant pictures will be auctioned off as NFTs

On August 24, a day recognized as Kobe Bryant Day in Los Angeles, where the basketball superstar spent his entire career playing for the Lakers, a collection of never-before-seen pictures of renowned NBA player Kobe Bryant will be released as a collection of non-fungible tokens.

Looking Ahead: Bitcoin and Ethereum at auction for 101-carat diamond at Sotheby’s

Sotheby's has declared that it will accept cryptocurrency as payment for a unique 101.38-carat diamond that will be auctioned next month for up to $15 million. The pear-shaped diamond, called The Key 10138, is one of just ten diamonds over 100 carats that have ever been auctioned, with only two of them being pear-shaped.
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