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Huobi Exchange and Shiba Inu Community to Assist Hacked Bitmart in Tracing Stolen Cryptos Worth $200 Million

Bitmart, a cryptocurrency exchange, lost $196 million (approximately Rs. 1,479 crore) in cryptocurrency. The Shiba Inu community has teamed up with Huobi Global Exchange to assist Bitmart in tracking down and recovering stolen cash. The stolen crypto tokens were sent to the wallet of an unnamed hacker(s) operating under the moniker "Bitmart Hacker." During these testing phases, both the Shib community and the Huobi exchange have tweeted their support for Bitmart.

Bitmart allegedly suffered a hack that resulted in the loss of around $200 million in assets.

Bitmart, a cryptocurrency exchange, has been hacked. In this hack, Bitmart allegedly lost $196 million (approximately Rs. 1,479 crore) in cryptocurrency. The stolen tokens were sent to the anonymous hacker(s) known as "Bitmart Hacker." After security firm PeckShield announced the hack on Twitter on Saturday evening, December 4, it gathered traction. According to PeckShield, the stolen Ethereum-based crypto assets were $100 million (approximately Rs. 754 crores), while the rest $96 million (about Rs. 724 crores) was made up of Binance Smart Chain assets.
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