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As Metaverse Interest Grows, Dvision Network Deploys on Polygon Mainnet Persists

Dvision Networks is now available on Polygonal Mainnet, confirming its status as that of the authoritative underlying blockchain multiverse technology. Dvision Network's second major and de facto largest LAND Sale on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) just sold out immediately throughout operating systems, including Binance NFT and NFTb. The addition of Polygon Network support foreshadows the Dvision Metaverse's upcoming second round of the LAND NFT Sale, which would be supposed to occur in the first half of 2022, according to the schedule today.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, blockchain and the metaverse gain traction.

Samsung will demonstrate its metaverse technological advancements, while numerous other firms will demonstrate blockchain, NFT, and crypto interfaces with the metaverse.

Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix NFT, Metaverse, and Blockchain, according to the author, are here to stay.

Square Enix Leader Yosuke Matsuda sent out a New Year's signal designed to reflect on the previous year and the gaming industry's future in 2022, and if his words are any indication, the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain games, and digital token-based economies are all "here to stay" throughout 2021. Starting with the metaverse, Matsuda claims that Facebook's choice to rename itself, Meta, proves that the notion "is not just a term."

Polkadot Releases First Batch of Parachains, Enabling Integrated Blockchain Ecosystem

Since blockchains have grown in popularity in recent years, the lack of cooperation among chains has remained a fundamental impediment. Polkadot is happy to announce the introduction of the first parachains, or distinct blockchains running in parallel inside the Polkadot ecosystem, on its network today, following five years of technological development.

Gala Games,  has announced the first limited land sale in the NFT-powered ‘Legacy’ game.

Gala Games, a blockchain gaming firm, will conduct its first limited land auction in a game called Legacy, which uses non-fungible tokens to power it (NFTs). This land sale is described as "every creative entrepreneur's dream come true" by the corporation in its gaming world. In the Legacy environment, players will now be able to start from scratch and develop their own enterprises. In the virtual land, 4,500 plots have already been sold for $54 million (approximately Rs. 411 crore) out of a total of 4,661 plots available for purchase.
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