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Excygent is acquired by Chainalysis in order to combat crypto-related ransomware attacks.

Chainalysis, a blockchain data platform, announced the acquisition of cybercrime forensics business Excygent to aid government agencies in the investigation of many high-profile cybercrime cases, including ransomware assaults.

In terms of active users, Polygon Network surpasses Ethereum.

According to a recent study report by Polygonscan, the Polygon blockchain network has seen a substantial rise of 18 percent in the previous month, with new additions of over 566,500 users. In terms of user-base, the network has now overtaken the popular Ethereum blockchain network. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the world's second most valuable blockchain. This is the first time that the Polygon network's user population has surpassed that of Ethereum, which has only had a 0.6 percent rise in recent days.

Tajikistan partners with Fantom Foundation and Orienbank to develop a blockchain-based digital currency.

One of Tajikistan's leading banks has recruited Fantom Foundation to build a central bank digital currency (CBDC), which will eventually be distributed throughout the Central Asian country. Fantom has inked an MoU with the OJSC Orienbank, making it one of the first blockchain initiatives in the world to establish a CBDC solution for a national government. The National Bank of Tajikistan will join Orienbank and Fantom in developing and testing commercial and retail payment networks for a digitized version of Tajikistan's currency, the somoni (E-SOM).

China’s Central Bank Declares Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal, Sending Bitcoin Down 6%

After a crackdown on the volatile currencies, China's central bank declared all financial transactions using cryptocurrencies to be unlawful on Friday, effectively putting an end to digital commerce in the country.

Bitcoin Mining Explained:

Bitcoin mining is not just the act of putting new bitcoins into circulation, but it is also an important part of the blockchain ledger's upkeep and development. It is carried out with the assistance of highly powerful computers that answer exceedingly difficult computational math problems.