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ADADAO, a unique Cardano stablecoin, will hold an open auction on KICK.IO.

Tallinn, Estonia, January 19, 2022 — The current inflow of interesting initiatives to the Cardano market has surprised even experienced crypto observers. Notwithstanding the environment's dynamism, the lack of a credible, accessible, and volatility-free stablecoin has always been a barrier to mass acceptance.

Cardano Effluxes Over 40%

Cardano's ADA token has risen in value...

XRP, Cardano And BNB Are Trending!

XRP, Cardano and BNB are among the trending altcoins.

Aave, XRP And Cardano Are Indecisive!

Buyers and sellers quarrel to gain dominance over Aave, Cardano and XRP.

XRP, Cardano And Dot Eye Upside

XRP, Cardano and Dot look to extend gains
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