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Classify Crypto As An Asset. Says Govt.

According to a recent report, India may...

Pakistan’s Central Bank Has Decided to Ban Cryptocurrencies Totally

The central bank of Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), has allegedly decided to prohibit the usage of all cryptocurrencies inside the nation. The central bank has also requested that the Sindh High Court prohibit "unauthorized activities" of cryptocurrency exchanges and levy fines.

Jeff Gundlach, predicts a downturn this year and recommends avoiding buying bitcoin.

"A recession in the latter part of this year," according to Doubleline Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach, often known as the "Bond King." He also warned against avoiding purchasing bitcoin at this time. "Perhaps you should purchase it for $25,000," he suggested.

Tinkoff Bank, a Russian bank, has acquired a cryptocurrency corporation in Switzerland.

Tinkoff, a Russian neobank, had entered the digital cryptocurrency realm by purchasing a share in Aximetria, a Swiss-registered and licensed firm that provides services and solutions for digital financial assets to clients around the world.

In Spain, Revolut has launched financial services that include bank deposits.

In order to function in Spain, Revolut, a renowned fintech company, and neobank was entitled to receive a banking license. Accounts are now protected up to €100,000, with Deposit and Investment Insurance, a Lithuanian governmental enterprise, providing the protection. With this new expansion, the firm, which today has over 800,000 subscribers in Spain, hopes to expand its client base.
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