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Belarusian will continue to be symmetric encryption, even as Russia considers a general prohibition.

Belarusian government have really no plans to impose harsher regulations on the government's cryptocurrency area. That's regardless of the fact that neighbouring Russia, a key partner in many sectors, is mulling a blanket ban on a variety of cryptocurrency-related activities, as indicated by Moscow's central bank.

In Armenia, a decommissioned power plant will be used to house cryptocurrency operations.

Armenia is planning to welcome bitcoin mining to set up shop at an abandoned steam turbine. The TPP will be deactivated, and the company plans to lease it to firms operating, particularly mine firms.

Tinkoff Bank, a Russian bank, has acquired a cryptocurrency corporation in Switzerland.

Tinkoff, a Russian neobank, had entered the digital cryptocurrency realm by purchasing a share in Aximetria, a Swiss-registered and licensed firm that provides services and solutions for digital financial assets to clients around the world.

Kosovo has outlawed cryptocurrency mining in order to preserve energy.

Several youngsters in Kosovo have become interested in crypto mining as a result of low power price volatility.

2022 will see a CBDC race: WazirX CEO

2022 will see a CBDC race where countries will race to be the first to launch their CBDCs, says the WazirX CEO. Let’s find out more about his comment.
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